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Carey Mulligan’s Hair: A Continuing ‘Education’ in Style

Carey Mulligan’s short hair still stands out…

After An Education, Carey cut off her long mane that worked so well for that movie set in the ’60s. In a darling short cut, the Oscar-nominated star was almost unrecognizable at the Academy Awards 2012. Since that time, Carey as changed her hair often but never gone back to long hair. Her commitment to short hair puts her in the ranks of daring stars like Michelle Williams, Emma Watson and recently Charlize Theron, who shaved her head for a role in the movie Mad Max: Fury Road. No matter whether it’s for fun or work, going super-short takes a lot of guts.

How does Carey keep her cropped cut fresh?

By giving it new twists…like the modern-day pompadour she donned for the 2012 Met Ball on May 7. Her updo reflects the giddy look of her newlywed status. (She married Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons on April 21 and the Met Ball was her first appearance as a new bride!). Keeping hair longer on top offers the versatility to lift the crown away from a side part using a blow-dryer and round brush. Short hair that’s not buzzed on the sides would need to be combed back and held in place with gel. Strong-hold styling products before and after help make and hold the wave.

Bold and beautiful hair color

Light blond on top softens the crop and the dark base adds interesting dimension. As is the case with Carey’s short cut, not everyone can wear bold, contrasting shades. Don’t even think about wearing it if you don’t have a talented hair colorist!

Hairstory repeats itself

Carey’s short hair looks tailor-made for her role with Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby coming out in December. Here are a couple of examples of how her Flapper ‘do fits the setting—the Roaring Twenties.

Sources: Carey-Mulligan Online and Columbia Studios.

Reader’s Poll: What kind of hairstyles do you look for online?

When you “search” hairstyle ideas, what key words do you use? Celebrities, non-celebs, TV stars, singers, models, hairstyles, etc. 

Originally, when we started realhairstyles.net, our goal was to present celebrity hairstyles that work in real life, but sometimes we get carried away showing celebrity hair fashions and what we think about them.

Now we think it’s high time to ask you how you think we’re doing. Would you rather have more details about how to do the styles? Or would you like us to continue going in the same direction as we have in the past?

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Michelle Williams’ hair: from Marilyn Monroe to “It Girl”

My Week with Marilyn

Image via Wikipedia

‘It Girl’ loyal to short hair

Michelle Williams, who used to be better known as ex-wife of deceased Heath Ledger, was one of the first stars to cut off most of her hair. Carey Mulligan and Ginnifer Goodwin are  leading “It Girls” in the cropped-hair category. In fact, Michelle and Carey popped up at the same awards show in their newly shorn hair.

What’s most important to us is that she’s stayed short so long. Now her pixie gets almost as much attention as her award nominations for her acting. Anyway, we love her style,…not only for the spunk it reflects but also because it’s the easiest haircut you can find. The look doesn’t take much more than a shampoo. Extra touches are simple, too: gelled up or pulled back behind a headband. For the first hair “do,” apply styling gel to damp hair and lift it while blowdrying. Hair ornaments need no explanation and depend on your mood! With good layers hair will fall right into place no matter what! If super-short is too much for you, ask a skilled hairstylist how to do it on slightly longer hair.

Michelle’s chic looks now couldn’t be farther from her style at her first big  trip to the Independent Spirit Awards. She won a Spirited award (plus a Golden Globe) for her leading role in My Week With Marilyn. In one of the night’s best speeches of the night, she described herself a decade ago like this: “I wore my own clothes, which were not very good. And I cut my own hair!”

It’s hard to imagine her in those pre-star days…especially when you see what she wore to the most recent Spirits contest: an adorable, slightly outrageous jacket and short shorts.

No matter her past, we hope her future shows her sticking to her guns in the hair department!

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