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Bold & Beautiful…slightly on The Wild Side…only for Girls Who Wanna Have Fun?

Most important: Does it work for real women? What do you think? See Reader’s Poll below.

Goldwell Color Zoom ’12 FasciNATURE Collection

Before you vote, you might want to see details at Goldwell Color Zoom ’12 FasciNATURE Collection | Mischo Beauty.

Reader’s Poll: What kind of hairstyles do you look for online?

When you “search” hairstyle ideas, what key words do you use? Celebrities, non-celebs, TV stars, singers, models, hairstyles, etc. 

Originally, when we started realhairstyles.net, our goal was to present celebrity hairstyles that work in real life, but sometimes we get carried away showing celebrity hair fashions and what we think about them.

Now we think it’s high time to ask you how you think we’re doing. Would you rather have more details about how to do the styles? Or would you like us to continue going in the same direction as we have in the past?

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