How to get the sideswept look

After shampooing and towel drying hair, apply a strong-hold volumizing mousse and an anti-frizz product. Finger in the styling aides from root to ends, using more product on bottom. Starting with a side part blow dry hair by small sections from bottom to top. For the straight finish, choose a large flat brush or one with tight bristles, for waves use a large  round brush, lifting hair up and off the face and rolling ends under. Either ‘do needs to be totally dry to get a long-lasting smooth style.

The polished waves work best by using a one-inch or larger diameter curling iron after blow drying. Brush hair to one side and pin curls to let them cool. Finger comb gently or use a rougher touch depending on whether you want curls sleek or tousled.

When you have time for damp hair to dry naturally, make finger waves on the ends, clip hair and let it dry thoroughly. Another option: use jumbo rollers instead of the finger styling method. No matter how you do it, finish with a firm hold spray or gel.

One response to “How to get the sideswept look

  1. Hi Mary!
    Nice blog! Well, in addition to the question I asked you on the phone (what to do with bangs while they are growing out), I thought of another question after reading the entry above, “How to get the sideswept look”. I’ve read that it is OK and most times healthier to skip a shampoo. With all the product out there that we put in our hair to get these styles, is it necessary to wash out the product everyday and therefore, needing to shampoo everyday? Honestly, I like the look and texture of my hair about 18 hours after a shampoo when I haven’t put any product in it.

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