How to find the best style for you

Star style for real women sounds like an oxymoron, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, we are always looking to the stars for ideas. No matter where your inspiration comes from, the mane thing is finding and getting a perfect haircut. Put aside plenty of time to do R & D ‑ research done now will pay off for months and even years to come (we’ve been known to stay with a look for three or more years!). You already know the routine, but here’s a refresher. Look in magazines and on the internet for photos to take to the salon. Take it from us, the best and most talented stylists appreciate your opinion and will work with you to make decisions. Keep your eyes peeled for hairstyles… observe (in a discreet way) friends, family and women on the street. If you are comfortable with it, compliment styles you like and ask who cut it and/or where it was done.

When shopping around for a new ‘do, be realistic: don’t force straight locks into a curly style and vice versa. Stay away from those windblown, over-the-top manes of Victoria’s Secret models. Unless you are very daring, avoid avant-garde looks. Ask the salon for a 10- to 15-minute consult before your shampoo. Professional hair cutters will give you the truth about what will and won’t work. Another suggestion: ask if the cut includes a complementary follow-up for minor things you might want changed.

Decide how much time you want to spend on your hair every day and how much maintenance after the first appointment. Ideally wash-n-wear looks are best for busy women (and who isn’t?!). Many girls have more free time, so they can ‘do what they want! Before the cut, decide if you want hair color. It’s good for the stylist to know your plan and for you to figure out the real time, effort and dollars you want to spend. If you want a precision, Pink white-blond look, plan on salon visits every three or four weeks.

BTW: follow this blog for more info on real hairstyles

One response to “How to find the best style for you

  1. I am wanting to know what the current hair style that Caroline Spencer has. It is so cute.

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