oops…maybe Paris and Nicky’s hair isn’t as bad as we thought!

In our last post we were a little mean (OK downright catty) when we wondered why the Hilton sisters have such bad hair. But these photos have given us reason to doubt ourselves. We still don’t think their hair’s great, but we’re willing to be more lenient on Paris and Nicky…for now!

This closeup of Paris put a better spin on the dark roots around her face. In yesterday’s image, the hairline looked more like dark brown or light black. Also when you get so close to Paris, her striking facial features outshine everything else…we’re guessing much more time went into achieving the perfect peaches-and-cream complexion.

Another photo shows all of Paris’ mane, and overall the effect is more flattering than yesterday’s images. However, the ends are still dry, damaged-looking, not pretty. Again lovely makeup draws all eyes to Paris’ high cheekbones.

As for Nicky, the same kind of thinking applies. Just looking at her face, there’s no question that she’s a beauty, and her hair appears pretty healthy. From farther away, her hair doesn’t look as good. The full-figure view shows how the bottom half of her mane is thin and the fringe needs a trim. But just like her sib, Nicky’s impeccable makeup, jewelry, fashion and accessories take attention away from her hair.

To see more pix of Paris and Nicky, go to lifeoftherichandfamous.
Photos: Getty Images

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