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Lisa Marie Presley’s hairstyles: fresh looks suit her new ‘Storm & Grace’ album

A pretty makeover is perfectly timed with the release of her new album, LISA MARIE PRESLEY STORM & GRACE…

As one writer puts it: Lisa Marie must have discovered Jennifer Lopez’s secrets for staying young. We think it has more to do with her mother Priscilla who’s never looked her age. As for her voice, that comes from her father and she does have some of

The glam side of Lisa Marie
Though the top and bottom photos were obviously taken at different times, they depict a totally new image for LMP. Most of our memories of Ms. Presley in years past are of a punkish, tough-guy girl who did rebellious acts such as marrying Michael Jackson, wearing military clothes and doing forgettable albums.

The glam side of Lisa Marie
The retro Hollywood waves and girly fashions resemble a young Priscilla in Graceland even though Lisa Marie is 44 years of age! One hint that it’s current is the trendy ombre-like effect of light blond that’s growing out from the dark roots.

A stormy & graceful mood
As her hair continues to get longer, the ombre coloring carries on, but it’s more platinum than golden blond. While her hair is unrealistically styled into the sexy wind-blown look, you can easily see how ends have been snipped into long layers to add volume and blended so that they can be styled to look one length.

We don’t want to get too ahead of ourselves and spill all the details about her hairstyle and color until we know you’re interested.

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Reader’s Poll: What kind of hairstyles do you look for online?

When you “search” hairstyle ideas, what key words do you use? Celebrities, non-celebs, TV stars, singers, models, hairstyles, etc. 

Originally, when we started realhairstyles.net, our goal was to present celebrity hairstyles that work in real life, but sometimes we get carried away showing celebrity hair fashions and what we think about them.

Now we think it’s high time to ask you how you think we’re doing. Would you rather have more details about how to do the styles? Or would you like us to continue going in the same direction as we have in the past?

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Rita Hayworth’s and Jennifer Lopez’s hairstyles: great looks are timeless!

Anyone who likes to try new hairstyles knows that old movies are a great place to look for ideas. Of course, some of those retro looks are too outdated or nearly impossible to recreate.

On the other hand, some styles are easier to do today because of the variety of tools and product. Here, Jennifer Lopez has her hair blown dry smooth and then curled using a barrel curling iron with a diameter of one to one-and-a-half inch. Then spritz on a styling spray and set hair in pin curls. Keep the bobby pins in for as long as possible (ideally an hour). Use your fingers to gently smooth hair out and into place. Spray with your favorite holding/shine product. For J.Lo, the finishing touch was Oribe Superfine Hairspray.

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