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Reader’s Poll: What kind of hairstyles do you look for online?

When you “search” hairstyle ideas, what key words do you use? Celebrities, non-celebs, TV stars, singers, models, hairstyles, etc. 

Originally, when we started realhairstyles.net, our goal was to present celebrity hairstyles that work in real life, but sometimes we get carried away showing celebrity hair fashions and what we think about them.

Now we think it’s high time to ask you how you think we’re doing. Would you rather have more details about how to do the styles? Or would you like us to continue going in the same direction as we have in the past?

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Meghan Linsey’s hairstyle, her boyfriend and their ‘Steel Magnolia’

The first thing we noticed about Meghan Linsey is her hair!

The hot singer from Steel Magnolia has one of the cutest hairstyles in Country Music. Like her unusual career, Meghan’s haircut is unique. Instead of staying with a traditional long mane, she goes with a short cut that looks longer than it is and fuller because of precise layering. To copy these coifs: blow-dry hair upside down until it’s slightly damp. Finish drying and either scrunch with your fingers or use a large round brush.

What’s unique about Meghan’s career? She first met Joshua Scott Jones in a karaoke bar, they sang I’m All Out of Love that night AND later became girl/boyfriend. Winners of the second season CMT’s Can You Duet?, M & J will release their self-titled debut album Steel Magnolia on September 21.

While they are new to stardom, the strong-as-Steel singers seem comfortable in the limelight. At the same time, they are casual and friendly with fans. Here’s hoping that they’ll stay down-to-earth as they rise to the top of the charts!
Photos from Big Machine Records

Michelle Williams: hairstyles of an ‘It’ girl!

Michelle Williams has what it takes to be an “It” girl, as she’s shown in her numerous makeovers since Dawson’s Creek. Back then long, goldie locks were perfect for her semi-reformed bad girl opposite Katie Holmes‘ good girl. After serious roles like Brokeback Mountain and Shutter Island, the Oscar-nominated star became a new woman for the Cannes Film Festival in May. She went pretty short and platinum blond with long bangs swerving to one side… just in time to promote her new movie Blue Valentine. The daring ‘do and challenging acting jobs have helped establish Michelle as an indie star. An even shorter pixie cut in strawberry blond showed off her bravado (along with her stunning facial features!). Filming a new movie in Toronto calls for a fresh look, and Ms. Williams answers the call with a longer, darker strawberry bob… oddly enough she seems younger than ever! All of these transformations makes us wonder what’s next for this fearless trendsetter.

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