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Danielle Panabaker’s hair fits her teen-to-adult roles

Fans of horror movies should already know Danielle Panabaker from Friday the 13th, The Crazies and The Ward. But don’t let that fool ya–Danielle does much more than scary. She’s one of the lucky (talented) stars who appeared in the premiere of Law & Order: Los Angeles. You might remember Danny Girl in the HBO miniseries Empire Falls. The young actress held her own in that project with Paul Newman, Ed Harris and Helen Hunt. We’ll get a chance to see a lot more of her in movies like The Renaissance Girl and Weakness, an indie that will be shown at the Austin Film Festival  (starting in 15 days!)

Her background seems unique in the world of child stars. At the age of 14, Danielle graduated as valedictorian of her high school class, and at 19 she earned a B.A. Through the years, her hairstyles have changed little, but they’ve always been long (like the popular dos of real-life teens and 20-somethings). A one-length, straight style reflects the youngest image (below). The mane is OK natural, but gets lots better when blown-dry with a big paddle brush. For a little more polish (above), Danielle has her hair angled around the face, so that curled ends roll over each other below the face. To copy the coif, blow-dry with a large brush using a little tension to smooth hair. Starting with sleek locks makes it easier to set with a large-barreled curling iron held vertically in front. Twirl hair forward on the sides, go backward on the next section or do whatever you want!

To appear much more sophisticated, the brunette goes from light-to-heavier layers (on top). Light texturizing works beautifully with large ringlets. More layering and bangs give Danielle a modern Shag without the shagginess. She makes it neater by replacing straight locks with loose spiral curls.

Don’t expect the rising star to keep her hair the same for much longer. We predict she’ll do something—go shorter, change colors, etc.—as she gets more roles and more time in the biz.