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Academy of Country Music hairstyles: Miranda Lambert & Taylor Swift

Miranda Lambert and Taylor Swift are big winners of the Academy of Country Music Awards 2011. Miranda took home four awards—the most of the night—and Taylor got what she’d been coveting for years, Entertainer of the Year. As expected, the singers got all tressed up for the occasion. At first glance they looked very much alike when holding their prizes. But then you notice the differences: long and longer, blond and blonder, curled and curlier, bangs on and off the face. Mira’s do is easier to recreate: simply blow dry with a big round brush. For more curl do a quick roller set or use a curling iron with a big barrel. Tay’s glamour waves can take up to an hour to do at home. You almost have to use a three-barrel waving iron and work small sections at a time. For special occasions, you might want to get the look at a salon for time-savings and professional quality.   


Earlier in the evening, Miranda wore another do to walk the Red Carpet. She pulled her hair back and left long side bangs down to sweep to one side. Another view of the top Entertainer shows how the waves are just as pretty from the side. This is a good reminder for us to think about how our hair looks all the way around—from side to side including the back. In this lighting the haircolor variations of platinum and gold are more noticeable. Who knew long blond curls could look so different, yet be so alike?

In the end, these blondes had more fun showing off their trophies than worrying about their hair. What good is a pretty hairstyle without a happy face? Our moms used to say we were prettier when we smiled. Maybe they’re onto something!

Ryan Reynold’s girl “friends”: Sandra Bullock, Scarlett Johansson & their celebrity hairstyles!




For a minute around New Year’s Eve, it looked like Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock were a couple. A few days later the truth came out —they’re just very good friends. While the rumors swirled, guys were wishing they were in Ryan’s place: going from Scarlett Johansson’s ex-hubby to Sandra Bullock’s sweetheart. Scarlett and Ryan split less than a month before he was photographed with Sandra on New Year’s Eve/Day. The Ryan-Sandra rumors were based on the theory that Ryan had consoled Sandra after she threw out Jesse James and that she was returning the favor for her friend and Proposal co-star.

Though the love story wasn’t true, there’s no doubt that Ryan has great taste. His two leading ladies are gorgeous, not to mention talented and smart. The mane difference is haircolor. When we think of Sandra, long straight hair comes to mind, but that doesn’t mean she always go smooth. Ms. B has been known to wear loose ringlets, tighter curls and loads of updos (like the sidesweep above) . The same goes for Scarlett, who changes her hair more often than not. Here, we see Ms. Jo in “windblown” curls (top) and in less stylized, scrunchy waves (below). Scarlett’s casual coif was perfect for the night of the “kiss”… at the MTV Movie Awards when Sandra instigated the intimate moment on stage, before the cameras!

Country Music hairstyles: more on Julianne Hough

The difference is like night and day!
Early in 2010 Julianne Hough flaunted a waist-length mane that could be styled lots of ways. At the ACM awards, she turned heads by wearing her baby blond hair half up: smooth on top, slightly scrunched below. The high crown requires extra attention such as blowdrying and rolling hair off the face with a large round brush. A quick set on jumbo hot rollers may be needed to pump up the volume. Backcombing and a strong spray come in handy before and after sweeping hair back. Late in 2010, Julianne did an about-face for the CMA Awards. Her hair was shorter but still long enough to create a free-form updo. The bigger change is the color–this season’s popular red with blond highlights. Loose waves all over blend together perfectly and are swept to the side–another trend of the moment. What’s next for Ms. Makeover? Your guess is as good as ours!

No more TayJa (Taylor Swift/Jake Gyllenhaal)

What a difference a day (or 2) makes!
Just this Sunday, we did a blog post about Taylor Swift’s gr8 hairstyles. In passing we mentioned her tendency to write songs about ex-boyfriends who break it off (Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, etc). When we wrote about her latest beau, Jake Gyllenhaal, we didn’t think he would be in this situation so soon! Thinking back it’s not so surprising… Tay & Ja hadn’t been seen in public since Dec. 9th. They each had big b’days recently–she turned 21, he 30–and the age diff may have been too much for the acclaimed actor. Despite her yo-yoing love life, Swift remains at the top of her game. Her record-breaking CD Speak Now and trendsetting hairstyles have made T.S. one of the most popular singers in the country (and pop music scene). Don’t count on Ms. Swift becoming a home-body while she waits for Mr. Right. She’s still young, successful and one very eligible Bachelorette.                                        Reuters/US photo

Rihanna’s hairstyle: what will it be for the AMAs?

When she opens the American Music Awards tonight, Rihanna will sing the second part to Eminem’s Love the Way You Lie, according to Us Magazine. It’s not that easy to predict the hairstyle(s) she’ll be wearing. Staying a redhead would be a good guess considering Ri’s current fascination with the fiery color. The way it will be styled is anyone’s guess because Rihanna loves to change her look in surprising ways!


We’d like to see her in the pretty long, straight extensions that resemble real-life hairstyles, but that’s not likely. Why would Rihanna be conservative  on a night when everyone else goes wild. Something wild would be the bright red that’s getting the most attention (and criticism) now. If she wants to be bold AND beautiful, stylized curls would work well (like they did for a party with Melody Thornton, former Pussy Cat Doll).

Maybe the best compromise would be something similar to a thoroughly modern updo of tresses piled sky high as it was for the MTV EMAs. 

And here’s a wild guess: the Ri-ster returns to the short red hair that set off her love affair with red earlier this year.

Rihanna isn’t the only one who will out- “do” herself tonight. Anyone who’s into hair and style, couldn’t find a better place to be than the AMAs 2010!

Photos Getty Images, WireImage and PA/Press Association Images/Abaca

Demi Lovato’s hair sparks public debate

Find out how Demi loves to change her hair!

You can tell a star’s popular when she inspires fans to participate in online polls. Based on current surveys, Demi Lovato has hit the big time! The questions range from the trivial to the major stuff  (hair). With the most recent changes, Miss Lovato is barely recognizable as Disney’s girl-next-door. The mane difference is her haircolor which has gone from dark to light. She’s one of the leading brondes (brunette/blonde) along with Jennifer Aniston, Gisele Bundchen, Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lopez, etc., etc.

Demi’s do-over is drawing lots of attention… hence the polls. The top question is: “Do you or don’t you like the new color? (Maybe you don’t care or think it’s her own business). As often happens, there’s a group of admirers who are begging the Camp Rocker to “please, please, please go back to the way it was!”

When a poll proves popular, there’s spin-offs. In this case the pollsters are asking, “Do you like Demi’s hair up or down?” We haven’t seen a survey about her in curly or straight hair, but there’s probably one out there or in the works.

If you’re like us, polls are pointless. We LIKE to see stars changing their hair. It’s only natural that a teen/adult would want to give up “girlish” for “sophisticated.” So we’re all for the rising star trading in her long black curls for a brighter, lightly layered cut.

The easiest way to copy the singer/actress’ look? Wear curly hair natural or scrunched while air-dying. It’s simple to turn casual curls into polished ringlets: simple set hair vertically with a curling iron. Alternate the direction of the curls, rolling one piece forward, the next back and so on. When time is of the essence, take it up! Brush out curls around the face and sweep hair to crown, back or into a French roll.

We’ve saved the hardest coif for last: curly locks styled straight. Demi has professionals to do what needs to be done: blow-drying hair small sections at a time over a large round or flat brush. But with a little practice you can become an expert.


If you still want to tell us what you think, feel free!