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Hayden Panettiere’s hair goes from super-short to short

It’s old news that Hayden Panettiere cut her hair, but the new news is that it’s grown out a little and looks pretty different. The Heroes star showed off the new do and (Pucci) dress at the recent CMT Awards.¬†Depending on where she’s standing, the crop presents a new look. From the front: long side bangs hug the face. On one side: the fringe angles down the cheek. From the other side: less length, more texture. When she was partying after the CMT Awards with Snooki, a side view of the blonde showed how cute the back is growing in. The ends are graduated slightly for a little lift and light-to-dark haircolor adds depth.¬†Looking back to the ultra-short style, you can see how the hair’s direction has changed from backward to forward. It just goes to show you’re never stuck with a new haircut. If you don’t like it, just grow it out. Sources: the hollywood gossip, hayden images, people stylewatch and cmt.