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Agyness Deyn’s buzz cut is growing on us!

In early June we were caught off guard when Agyness Deyn got a crew cut. We wondered why the supermodel would give up the pretty “bowl” bob that she made famous? Watching Agyness for a couple of months, we’re starting to see the beauty of the buzz… namely that her stunning  face can stand on its own. Few women can get away with this, so why not do it if you can? Agyness is making little changes that spice up the crop, going from dirty blond to red hot to cool white.

Seeing the It Girl so comfortable in her hair makes it look better and starts to seem like a natural for the model/trendsetter. Right after the short-to-shorter haircut Agyness didn’t seem too pleased. Now she seems happy and at ease in the new ‘do. Agyness’ crew cut fits the avant-garde image she often creates in fashion mags. The Madonna-like model seems right at home in the New York Issue of V Magazine as a Hare Krishna and a Britney Spears gone goth girl binging on Cheetos.

Another reason for Agyness to smile is naag.com, an online magazine that she launched with her journalist friend Fiona Byrne (above). In an interesting role reversal, the woman before the camera becomes the Creative Director behind the scenes–photographing gal pals and sharing secrets about her beauty products, movies, restaurants and a lot more! It’s hard for us (in the Second City) to relate to all the NYC stuff; however, most any girl/woman can appreciate what these trendies have to say.

Just take a quick peek at the lifestyle mag and you’ll find info on things like Mororoccanoil hair treatment for all types. It’s a short post, but here’s how it starts: “If you’re anything like us, the mere mention of the word ‘oil’ in the same sentence as ‘hair’ has an entirely negative connotation, one that takes you back to zits, braces and hormones and memories of those girls in class who thought it was OK to wash their hair once a week during the oiliest of those teenage hair years. Ew.”

“Even the finest of hair won’t be weighed down with residue,” according to Ms. Byrne, “and as one who sports the finest and silkiest of hair with an inherent fear of lank, greasy tresses, we can vouch for the fact that this oil is light as a feather. It’s a moroccaniracle!” (Moroccanoil is available starting at from $14.99 at Rickysnyc.com).

Getting back to the whole reason for this post… Agyness’ short-short is becoming bold AND beautiful to us (even though we would never dare to bare our head like that!)

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Agyness Deyn’s new hairstyle: bold, not beautiful buzz cut!


It’s been almost two months since Agyness Deyn shaved her hair, and there’s not a pretty pic yet (although a closeup photo IS cute!) Why would the brunette-blonde decide to get the buzz? We think any cut is better than this, and the new do disproves the theory that anyone who has a gorgeous face can wear ANY hairstyle. Why didn’t she stick with one of the shorts she’s worn before… the bowl design, a very short bob or little longer styles with a face-framing fringe?

As you would expect, Miss Rebel has already changed her crew cut (at the end of May) to bleached blond. She’s gone platinum many times in the past with great results (this time not so good). Pundits are calling the light do the “Billy Idol.” They say the Model will look more like the Idol when her hair grows out a bit and she spikes it up!  

That’s all we have to say for now, but one last question: Doesn’t the most recent photo look more like a mug shot than a magazine cover?

Heidi Klum’s new do

It’s pretty, fresh, laid back, easy… but not very popular!

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, April 21Heidi Klum (Seal Samuel) debuted a new, shorter hairstyle… a mid-length (not short) bob with light layering, bangs, darker blond lowlights and an angled fringe around the face. The design has built-in movement, versatility, sex appeal and class… kind of like a “newscaster look” and perfect for women who have straight hair.

Everyone’s a critic… especially when it comes to star style!
Some celeb/beauty “experts” would have you think that Heidi buzzed her hair (à la Sinead O’ConnorDemi Moore in G.I. Jane, Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta and most recently Brit model Agyness Deyn). Much of the feedback on blogs has been negative, especially with younger women. The naysayers seem to think that cover girls should never look old, different or like a mom (Heidi has four children under the age of 6!).

More comments
Is the look mom-ish… the hair equivalent of mom jeans? (Is that a bad thing now when there ARE sexy mom jeans?)
It ages Heidi, and you know I have mixed feelings about bangs. (FYI: bangs and shorter hair are very youthful and flattering for females of any age.)
While Heidi looks gorgeous no matter what, we’re not sure how we feel about the cut itself… something about it (the way the bangs curl under?) reminds us of Florence Henderson.” Is this writer referring to Florence Henderson in the late 1960s’ Brady Bunch? Excuuuuuse us, but we don’t see the resemblance.
Before the do-over
A month before the cut, Ms. Seal wore her hair well below the shoulders. Now look closely at the pic (right). Anyone with a good eye for hairstyles will see scraggly ends, a messy fringe and drab hair color. Is this suitable for a supermodel/business woman/working mother? The host of Project Runway explained to Jay her reasoning behind the haircut: “I got bored… as we all do every once in a while as girls, so I chopped it off!” She says she loves to change up her hairstyle. “I grow it, I cut it. Some people never change their hair and it works for them.”

Who has the time to do Heidi’s tousled upsweep?
At the Oscars 2010 in February, Heidi wore a Brigitte Bardot updo (known as sex kitten-ish). Sure it’s gorgeous, but can real women copy the coif in less than an hour? You COULD do a bad version in a hurry, but why bother? Even if you’re very talented or have an expert hairstylist, the star hairstyle requires an hour or more! Girls might have more time for tressing up before prom, and women might make the time for a once-a-year gala or holiday party.

Even her “natural” look took time and effort!
In her early days as a runway/cover girl, Heidi had hair and makeup artists at her beck and call. They could easily do the just-got-out-of-bed look: if you attempt it, plan to spend more than 30 minutes on styling. Unless you’re born with hair like this, you would have to blow dry hair smooth on top and wavy below. Also the waves would probably have to be finished with a jumbo-sized curling iron or rollers and heavy-duty hair spray. Again, the ends are in need of a trim or miracle-working conditioner.

That’s all for now except for this: We started out this post thinking that many star hairstyles do not see the light of day (in the real world), but then we remembered Jennifer Aniston’s “Rachel” look from Friends in the late 1990s and Farrah Fawcett’s “wings” from Charlie’s Angels in the 70s… both hit the streets running and outlasted other trends.