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Celebrity Blondes: Avengers’ Scarlett Johansson, Mad Men’s January Jones, Glee-ful Dianna Agron & more

Featuring straight, curly, wavy, up, down, short to long

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala is considered THE style event of the year…yes, bigger than the Academy Awards show, Golden Globes, Emmys. It’s been nicknamed the Oscars of the East Coast or the Fashion Oscars. With the spotlight on glamour, the Met presents more than enough hairstyle ideas for Real Women. Of course, many of the ‘dos are unrealistic…unless you have the time and money to spare and/or you have a celeb hairstylist at your beck and call.

Since so many great hairstyles showed up at this year’s Ball, we decided to feature a few at a time. Here, the spotlight is on some of the beautiful blondes at the High Society event.

Scarlett Johannson’s Wavy Bob
When we saw Scarlett on the Red Carpet, it hit us that loose waves without layers have become a timeless style like a straight bob, pixie or upsweep. While the wavy style looks easy to do, it’s really not…unless your hair is naturally this way. Tighter curls would have to be smoothed out and straighter hair would need lots o’ help from a waving iron or a very loose perm.

Amber Valetta’s Sleek Waves
Glamorous hairstyles are no big deal for models like Ms. Valetta. But for women like us, nothing could be more special (or harder to achieve)! Anyone who’s not rich and famous would have to spend an hour or more at home or up to half a day in a salon to recreate the hair fashion. Most types of hair would have to be blown dry using small sections at a time. Then working again with small sections, curl hair vertically with a medium-to-large barrel styling iron. Let hair dry thoroughly before brushing gently and finishing with your fave holding product.

Chloe Sevigny’s Chic Short Cut
Meanwhile Ms. Sevigny could almost comb her hair and go to get ready for Big Love Nights. But you know THAT wouldn’t cut it for divas who are going to be in the limelight. (It’s funny to see a star like Chloe making what looks like a mistake with her hair…it’s messed up on the left side or is it just sticking out too much?!) The layered, short cut looks more polished when it’s blown-dry after applying a texturizing product to damp hair. Curl a few tendrils around the face and fingerbrush.

After looking closely at her to write this post, we realized that Chloe is either nude or wearing nude-colored undergarments. While it might be obvious to you, we think it’s a kind of subtle way to draw attention to yourself. The bloggers at gofugyourself.com would call the bare beauty anything but subtle! Writing about Chloe in their Fug or Fab category, they say, “Yes, she’s bedecked chiefly in hot pants and mirrors. If only she’d opted to look in one of them.” (If you’re into snarky comments about Celebrity Style, visit the Fug Girls.)

Dianna Agron’s Curly Upsweep
Natural curls don’t require much prompting to get tressed up like this. Simply scrunch while drying with a diffused blow-drier or squeeze and lift curls continuously while they are drying naturally. Brush out the crown before sweeping hair back. Loosen lots of curls on one side and a few on the other. Secure with bobby pins underneath in back and spray.

January Jones’ Sleek Bob
We love to follow Miss January to marvel at the ways she combines pretty hairstyles with hot trends. And it’s fun to see her sometimes questionable fashion choices (like a glaring yellow gown with details on the bodice that emphasis the corset detailing and resemble a cartoon vampire.) As for her hair, is there a little pink left from when she added the streak months ago? Actually the Mad (wo)Men’s hairstyle needs little embellishment. The straight blunt cut is classic and looks its best with meticulous blow-dry styling.

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