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Ryan Reynold’s girl “friends”: Sandra Bullock, Scarlett Johansson & their celebrity hairstyles!




For a minute around New Year’s Eve, it looked like Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock were a couple. A few days later the truth came out —they’re just very good friends. While the rumors swirled, guys were wishing they were in Ryan’s place: going from Scarlett Johansson’s ex-hubby to Sandra Bullock’s sweetheart. Scarlett and Ryan split less than a month before he was photographed with Sandra on New Year’s Eve/Day. The Ryan-Sandra rumors were based on the theory that Ryan had consoled Sandra after she threw out Jesse James and that she was returning the favor for her friend and Proposal co-star.

Though the love story wasn’t true, there’s no doubt that Ryan has great taste. His two leading ladies are gorgeous, not to mention talented and smart. The mane difference is haircolor. When we think of Sandra, long straight hair comes to mind, but that doesn’t mean she always go smooth. Ms. B has been known to wear loose ringlets, tighter curls and loads of updos (like the sidesweep above) . The same goes for Scarlett, who changes her hair more often than not. Here, we see Ms. Jo in “windblown” curls (top) and in less stylized, scrunchy waves (below). Scarlett’s casual coif was perfect for the night of the “kiss”… at the MTV Movie Awards when Sandra instigated the intimate moment on stage, before the cameras!

Are asymmetrical celebrity hairstyles popular now?

The look is all the rage, the cut not so much!

When trend watchers made their predictions for Spring/Summer 2010, they said asymmetrical dos were going to be hot. Our first thought was “No way.” Second thought, “Maybe.” Only a few bold celebs will commit to it as an everyday look. Everyone else will wear it temporarily for special occasions (awards shows, premieres, etc.)  

Asymmetrical cut.Purposely designed to be off-balance. It’s great for trendsetters like Rihanna and Victoria Beckham who are always stylin’ outside of the box (and rarely wear a cut that’s perfectly symmetrical). Then there’s the brave new world of style leaders like Katherine McPhee, Agyness Deyn and Hayden Panettiere who don’t conform to the mold. Here, Katherine shows how an asymmetrical short cut is way more striking than her plain ole long locks.

Asymmetrical style. Hair that’s been “done” to look one-sided. This is probably what the forecasters meant by asymmetrical cuz one celeb after another is wearing the style–not the cut!  Sidesweeps have swept the red carpet for quite a while now. At the Oscars alone there were many examples–Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet to name a few. At the world premiere of Death at a Funeral Zoe Saldana chose the star hairstyle. We’re really liking Sandy’s curled, messy side–more than the bone straight style she wore for the Academy Awards.

Soap fans may have noticed the look on daytime TV… in the shape of a lop-sided bob, ponytail or bun. Molly Brunette chooses a curly pony for real life and she’s wearing it more often than not  on Days.

Probably the worst example of an asymmetrical cut is Kate Gosselin before stardom. For her, giving up a weird short cut was harder than being a mom of 8. (Now’s there no stopping her do-overs.) Hopefully we won’t have to see her all the time now that she’s not a Dancing Queen!

That’s all for now, folks… but we’d love to hear what you think about asymmetrical styles and who’s wearing them!