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Miss USA hairstyles: 2011 Alyssa Campanella & 2010 Rima Fakih

What a difference a year makes!
The controversy surrounding Miss USA has nearly died down, but there’s a little concern over the new winner’s belief in evolution and the big bang theory! The conservative opposition to Alyssa Campanella’s opinion sounds like a whisper compared to the outroar that Miss USA 2010 took a pole dancing class in 2007. Rima Fakih drew more bad “press” just weeks ago when she was caught partying through the night and then lying to pageant officials about it.

As far as looks go, there is no controversy. Both beauty queens boast long hair yet not as long as many contestants do. When they were crowned, each chose high-volume styles, and Miss USA 2011’s seemed fuller because of her hair’s texture. To go with their evening gowns, the two dos were sleek, but went in different directions: loose curls versus glamour waves. For her last hurrah, Rima chose a trendier coif than a year ago. The super smooth mane is angled below the face and has a ruler-straight center part.

Check back later to see the few pageant hair fashions that are workable for real women!

Miss USA winning hairstyles: 2011 Alyssa Campanella and 2010 Rima Fakih

Last night Rima Fakih crowned Alyssa Campanella Miss USA 2011. Don’t miss our upcoming feature comparing the beauty queens!

Miss USA, Miss Universe aim to sleaze

Rima Fakih before Miss Universe contest

Rima before Miss USA

What is it with Miss USA & Miss Universe?
Do their organizers (i.e. Donald Trump) stir up controversy to boost ratings? The publicity photos for Miss Universe have taken the same slant as Miss USA: risqué clothing, body paint and topless. Both beauty contests have drawn outrage from fans who feel that the pageants are going too far with their PR. Before the first competition, the negative comments inspired headlines like this: “Miss USA–Is There Such a Thing as Too Sexy?” While viewers renounced the hot pix, the pageant people felt they were “tasteful and very sexy.” Now the Miss Universe Organization is getting slammed for racy photos that show too much skin for the general public.

Is it a coincidence that Miss USA 2010 used to study pole dancing?
All of this pales next to the real-life story of Miss USA. As far as publicity goes, it was too good to be true that the beauty queen of the United States had a little secret in her closet. In less than 24 hours after Rima Fakih was crowned Miss USA, the stories broke about her being a pole dancer in a previous life. It didn’t matter that she had only taken a pole dancing class (like women do these days). The gossip mongers made her out to be an employee in a strip club.

And what about their hairstyles?
Almost as funny as the hype is the fact that most of these naughty girls look alike. If you’re viewing their pix by country, it’s hard to find Miss USA. Long, dark locks seem to be the required uniform with only a few blondes breaking the code. No matter the haircolor or body type, the hairstyles are salon perfect, frozen in the come-hither look of full, flowing manes. We won’t even attempt to tell you how to copy their ‘dos. Suffice it to say that you either have to be a great stylist yourself or know one who will be close by at all times.

Miss USA update: Rima Fikah’s hairstyles

We’re happy to see that the furor about Miss USA 2010 has died down, and Rima Fakih is keeping her crown. The public seems be saying her pole dancing classes (in 2007) aren’t a big thing. Popular opinion may have something to do with the change of mind: millions of women, from all walks of life, are pole dancing for many reasons–ranging from exercise to empowerment. All the hype has overshadowed the fact that Rima Fikah is the first Arab-American Muslim to be Miss USA. And this beauty queen has brains as well as good looks. She can think on her feet and give coherent answers to hot-button issues like birth control (and her past). 

The frenzy also distracted from the beauty part of the competition. On first glance you wouldn’t think that Miss USA’s hairstyles would work outside of the pageant arena. We beg to differ! It’s simply a matter of dressing down or simplifying the looks that would work for you. If you have wavy hair, Rima’s LBD look wouldn’t be that difficult. Simply apply a texturizer, brush out the crown and scrunch curls while blow-drying with a diffuser. If you want an exact copy of Rima’s waves, follow with a large-diameter curling iron or a waving iron. The top coif can be done quickly if you have thick locks. You could leave the back as is or do a quick roller set. Backbrush the top of hair and use a hair lift like Bumpits® if you want.

The curly locks (with tiara) are the most complex and time-consuming of these dos. Both would need to be smoothed out on top. The fluffy curls would require big rollers or a jumbo-sized curling iron. The lush ringlets work best if you already have curls. If not, they would require a small-diameter curling iron used vertically on small sections of hair at a time. It’s possible to copy the straighter hairstyles with good blow-dry styling and a big brush. Our last look could go as is… if you have straight hair. A few minutes with a blow-dryer would add pizzazz.

We’ve come to the end of our show and hope you are inspired to “play” with your hair!