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Battle of the Blondes: Rita Ora’s hair vs. Rihanna’s hair

Different shades of blond, same kind of pose
Stars copying their predecesors is nothing new, but entertainment writers make it seem that way when referring to Rita Ora and Rihanna. The first “R” has even been called The British Rihanna. While they don’t look exactly alike, they have similar tastes such as low-cut gowns, little tats on their left sides and long blond curls. As for the differences, their light haircolors are not the same here: Rita poses in a Marilyn-like platinum and RiRi wears a hard-to-define blond all her own. The texture varies, too. Rita’s hair is smooth and polished and Rihanna’s full and loose!

Their blond hair color and Beanies are nearly the same!
Earlier this year, the singers were photographed in trendy Beanies and bleached blond. Since then Rita has topped the Vodafone Big Top 40 for a second week with her debut single R.I.P. Hence, the continued comparisons between Rita and the global superstar.

While their cat eyes are not identical, is their hair color?
It’s hard to tell, because  these images are captured in different settings. Rihanna’s hair has a hint of butter color, but that may be due to the natural lighting.

In the end, these questions aren’t important. It’s not a crime to emulate famous names from the past. Just think of all the women who have tried to look like Marilyn Monroe: Madonna, Christina Aguielera, Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Michelle Williams and many more actresses.

What’s more interesting is whether Rita will continue to be labeled the new Rihanna and whether she will end up with a fraction of RiRi’s fame!

Go green for Earth Day with the brightest celebrity haircolors under the sun!

We talked about “Green Hair” in one of our earliest posts (here at realhairstyles.net.) We covered the grassy shade in honor of Earth Day. Above is the example from back then that came from Urban Outfitters. WE thought the verdigris strands were gorg, but didn’t expect many of you to agree. At that time, only the boldest celebs wore shocking haircolors (think Avril Lavigne, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Katy Perry.) Of course girls and women in their 20s have long chosen color their hair on the wild side to reflect their independence, peer group or to choose something just for the fun of it!

Only a few years ago, unnatural colors were rare among the rich and famous. Now green fits one of the “in” color trends now: bold brights, pastels, neon or rainbows.

Today’s celebs who are dipping into the cool color pool include names you might expect such as fashionista January Jones, who recently went from sleek to pink. But then there’s actresses you wouldn’t expect to stray from the ordinary. For instance, gorgeous Jaime King has gone from blond glamour to true blue, green, yellow and some shades in between. It seems like celebs are wearing unusual hues because they’re sure to get free publicity. Just think how many times you’ve seen news about another star going technicolor!

And really there’s no reason not to follow the movement: simply use temporary dye, feathers, extensions or even  “chalk” coloring (Katy does hers with HAIR FLAIRS COLOR RUB). These modern-day tools let you enjoy the look while it’s hot without making a long-term commitment.


Sources: Getty Images, WireImage, inStyle

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Unforgettable: Whitney Houston’s style


More than a year ago, we did a post about how Rihanna’s ringlets are reminiscent of Whitney Houston’s hair. Looking back on that post, a day after her death, we are reminded of Whitney Houston’s influence on style as well as on younger singers like Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey.

Back in 1992 (before her downfall), she wore a fresh look in The Bodyguard. The short, smoothed-out curls (above) were popular with women of all ethnic groups. It really stood out from her peers who tended to play it safe and stick with long hair.

After that, her hair varied from dull to disastrous. But every now and then we would get a glimpse of the pretty Whitney. Considering her disruptive personal life, it’s a wonder that she could achieve any kind of style yet a day before her death, Whitney wore a sleek hairstyle that must have taken a lot of time and effort on someone’s part. Her long side bangs and straight hair  complemented the smooth hair of her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown.

As we think back to Whitney’s prime, we hope Bobbi will remember happy days like this, and the mother who will “Always Love You.”

Aubrey O’Day’s hair vs. Maria Kanellis’ hair

Did you know the answer(s) to the question we posed on Jan. 10: what do Aubrey O’Day and Maria Kanellis have in common? You don’t have to be a genius to know one of the multiple choice answers… It’s clear they are both red-hot redheads. A second answer is not so clear if you are new to our blog. Fans of Celebrity Apprentice might know the answer or discover it soon when The Trump starts his new season of myriad egomaniac enterprises that would better named The World’s Worst Boss. New viewers will see that Aubrey is an Apprentice-wanna be this year. Those who’ve followed C.A. remember Maria from her extended job interview two years ago.

Another answer comes from a male reader: “They’re both hot!” he raved a day after the blog was posted. We’re guessing their hairstyles’ popularity will be another commonality. Aubrey O’Day’s wavy hair will be just as popular as Maria Kanelli’s hair is (judging from our stats). Even their careers are similar: a reality star and a WWE diva who both would rather be known as singers rather than for their sex appeal or past “success?”.

But let’s get back to the mane thing:
O’Day’s hair and Kanellis’ hair. Above Aubrey’s red is brighter than Maria’s… we think it’s a little MUCH, not natural-looking and bordering on  clown-ish. However, the lighting exaggerates and contributes to the cartoon-like carrot top. In real life (right), the color is much better… but still out there. What’s more interesting about Aubrey’s red hair is that in the past she’s alternated from light to dark to dishwater blond. Her new red is surprising and seems to be inspired by Rihanna, who often shows up in cherry red or auburn ringlets.

What about their hairstyles?
Obviously one long-hair is wavy, the other’s straight. Not so obvious is the fact that Maria has to spend a lot of time smoothing out her curls when she wants them tamed down (top). Just as Aubrey is more recognizable in straight hair, she has gone wavy here. In the candid shots here, the colors and styles are more alike: loose waves.

You might call us snobs because we get our hair colored by salon professionals. We have seen great do-it-at-home color on women who know what they’re doing. But more often than not we see bad dye jobs.

In this case, we have to admit that it wouldn’t be challenging to do Aubrey’s red at home. That and Maria’s 2nd red are well suited for DIYers because they are single process and easy to match with color in a box. Maria’s first hue would be harder to recreate because it has subtle highlights mixed in with the red base.