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VMAs Hairstyles…starring Rihanna in super short hair plus Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato

We hope you had a chance to watch or record the MTV Video Music Awards last night…especially if you want (or need) a new hairstyle.

If you haven’t watched the VMAs yet, go to hollywoodlife.com. or click on the photo above. For us, Rihanna was the mane news last night. Unless you read about it right before the awards show, Rihanna cutting off her hair came as a big surprise. Our response: We love, love, love it!

While Ri got most of our attention, there were plenty of other hair headliners. Some are saying the newly shorn star was inspired by Miley Cyrus, Elisabeth Moss, Emma Watson (who has grown out her hair) and Anne Hathaway (who’s in the process of going longer).

Speaking of Miley, she took an unexpected twist by wearing her hair up in a of-the-moment pompadour. She’s able to lift her short cut because the crown is longer than the base.

Taylor didn’t look much different on the Red Carpet, but why should she? Her glam looks work well for any gala, and little changes make her hair seem brand new. The darker, curly hair she sported for COVERGIRL were replaced by white  blond, straight locks.

We were about to say Demi didn’t wear a new look, but then we realized she had gone from dip-dye purple to a bright blond ombre! Knowing Ms. Lovato she’ll be changing up her mane today or in the near future (with help from extensions, temp color, whatever).

That’s all we have time for now, but we’ll get back to the award-winning hairstyles ASAP!

Emma Stone’s Hair Color: White Blond vs. Strawberry Blond

Will the real Emma Stone please stand up?

The answer is both…and there are too many Emmas to count! Anyone who loves to follow hairstyle trends and their fearless leader knows why there are many versions of this blonde/redhead/brunette/almost-any-color-ette. She ranks with other famous chameleons yet provides us with a milder versions ranging from Madonna to Rihanna, Lady Gaga to Gwen Stefani, and Drew Barrymore to Katy Perry…

her hair color changes from month to month or week to week!

The White Blonde above was the color du jour on Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards, where she was named MTV’s first Trailblazer. Only a month ago her Strawberry Blonde was enchanting at the MET Ball 2012. (With those Lanvin hair ornaments and higher-than-high updo everyone was talking about the hot look.)

Emma’s shades are more wearable than most

As we hinted at above, Emma’s hair colors are more likely to be copied, as opposed to the other makeover queens. Obviously bleached blond isn’t for everyone, AND the majority of real women would choose an Em shade that’s fairly close to their natural hair color (one to two shades lighter or darker). Single-process, semi-permanent treatments are easier to maintain and change than high- and lowlights.

Even similar styles are different, depending on finishing touches & the color

Here, two updos feel different…the first exudes classic elegance, the second girlish charm! Curls are the base of both styles; the first ends up as a messy bun, and the second a messy topknot. Both looks were designed to be “fun,” according to Em’s stylist Mara Roszak. We think she achieved that, don’t you?

Battle of the Blondes: Rita Ora’s hair vs. Rihanna’s hair

Different shades of blond, same kind of pose
Stars copying their predecesors is nothing new, but entertainment writers make it seem that way when referring to Rita Ora and Rihanna. The first “R” has even been called The British Rihanna. While they don’t look exactly alike, they have similar tastes such as low-cut gowns, little tats on their left sides and long blond curls. As for the differences, their light haircolors are not the same here: Rita poses in a Marilyn-like platinum and RiRi wears a hard-to-define blond all her own. The texture varies, too. Rita’s hair is smooth and polished and Rihanna’s full and loose!

Their blond hair color and Beanies are nearly the same!
Earlier this year, the singers were photographed in trendy Beanies and bleached blond. Since then Rita has topped the Vodafone Big Top 40 for a second week with her debut single R.I.P. Hence, the continued comparisons between Rita and the global superstar.

While their cat eyes are not identical, is their hair color?
It’s hard to tell, because  these images are captured in different settings. Rihanna’s hair has a hint of butter color, but that may be due to the natural lighting.

In the end, these questions aren’t important. It’s not a crime to emulate famous names from the past. Just think of all the women who have tried to look like Marilyn Monroe: Madonna, Christina Aguielera, Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Michelle Williams and many more actresses.

What’s more interesting is whether Rita will continue to be labeled the new Rihanna and whether she will end up with a fraction of RiRi’s fame!

Rihanna’s hairstyle on ‘American Idol’ brought to you via devoted fan!

A dramatic ‘do that reaches for the stars…
just like the heavenly beauty that is Rihanna!

Our special thanks go out to @RihannaDaily who tweeted this photo soon after RiRi’s show-stopping performance. We can’t tell you exactly how her stylists created the funtastic, fantasy-filled look, but you can bet we’re going to find out (esp. if we hear from readers who want to know). In the past our posts about Rihanna haven’t drawn a large audience. We don’t know why because we personally find her one of the premiere trendsetters of our time!

Image powered by Photobucket

Emma Stone’s haircolor: what was she thinking?


When we last wrote about Emma, she was wearing a rich dark red haircolor. So why did she have to go and bleach it? She says the mane change is for a part… playing Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man coming out in 2012. We’re wondering if she was just itching to get on the celebrity haircolor trend that says anything goes: think Drew Barrymore, Katy Perry, Rihanna.

Emma says she’s a natural blonde, but surely the real thing is not like this–platinum and gold that verges on orange! As for the style, it’s different and fresh. The bangs and straight locks are of the moment, while the full waves without bangs were perfect for fall. Isn’t it funny how her cat-like eyes are dark or light depending on the haircolor?

Rihanna’s ringlets steal the show

Rihanna’s cherry curls… simply delish! She premiered them at the American Music Awards, and we hope she sticks with them longer than normal. Watching her hot singing/dance acts, we flashed back to Whitney Houston in happier days (right). We don’t remember the older singer going with a rich red like Rihanna’s but the ringlets and the cuts have a lot in common. Girls who wear curls can appreciate a good layered haircut. Talented hairstylists know exactly where to snip spirals so that they frame the face instead of overwhelming it. The layers also add bounce to curls that can be weighed down by too much length. Compared to straight hair, it’s harder to make curly locks shiny but highlights, salon treatments and shine-enhancing products can be a big help. Or take a cue from the stars: use hair extensions, pieces or wigs to turn on the shine. If Rihanna’s ringlets aren’t your thing, just wait for her next do-over… it’s only a matter of days!

Rihanna’s hairstyle: what will it be for the AMAs?

When she opens the American Music Awards tonight, Rihanna will sing the second part to Eminem’s Love the Way You Lie, according to Us Magazine. It’s not that easy to predict the hairstyle(s) she’ll be wearing. Staying a redhead would be a good guess considering Ri’s current fascination with the fiery color. The way it will be styled is anyone’s guess because Rihanna loves to change her look in surprising ways!


We’d like to see her in the pretty long, straight extensions that resemble real-life hairstyles, but that’s not likely. Why would Rihanna be conservative  on a night when everyone else goes wild. Something wild would be the bright red that’s getting the most attention (and criticism) now. If she wants to be bold AND beautiful, stylized curls would work well (like they did for a party with Melody Thornton, former Pussy Cat Doll).

Maybe the best compromise would be something similar to a thoroughly modern updo of tresses piled sky high as it was for the MTV EMAs. 

And here’s a wild guess: the Ri-ster returns to the short red hair that set off her love affair with red earlier this year.

Rihanna isn’t the only one who will out- “do” herself tonight. Anyone who’s into hair and style, couldn’t find a better place to be than the AMAs 2010!

Photos Getty Images, WireImage and PA/Press Association Images/Abaca

Are asymmetrical celebrity hairstyles popular now?

The look is all the rage, the cut not so much!

When trend watchers made their predictions for Spring/Summer 2010, they said asymmetrical dos were going to be hot. Our first thought was “No way.” Second thought, “Maybe.” Only a few bold celebs will commit to it as an everyday look. Everyone else will wear it temporarily for special occasions (awards shows, premieres, etc.)  

Asymmetrical cut.Purposely designed to be off-balance. It’s great for trendsetters like Rihanna and Victoria Beckham who are always stylin’ outside of the box (and rarely wear a cut that’s perfectly symmetrical). Then there’s the brave new world of style leaders like Katherine McPhee, Agyness Deyn and Hayden Panettiere who don’t conform to the mold. Here, Katherine shows how an asymmetrical short cut is way more striking than her plain ole long locks.

Asymmetrical style. Hair that’s been “done” to look one-sided. This is probably what the forecasters meant by asymmetrical cuz one celeb after another is wearing the style–not the cut!  Sidesweeps have swept the red carpet for quite a while now. At the Oscars alone there were many examples–Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet to name a few. At the world premiere of Death at a Funeral Zoe Saldana chose the star hairstyle. We’re really liking Sandy’s curled, messy side–more than the bone straight style she wore for the Academy Awards.

Soap fans may have noticed the look on daytime TV… in the shape of a lop-sided bob, ponytail or bun. Molly Brunette chooses a curly pony for real life and she’s wearing it more often than not  on Days.

Probably the worst example of an asymmetrical cut is Kate Gosselin before stardom. For her, giving up a weird short cut was harder than being a mom of 8. (Now’s there no stopping her do-overs.) Hopefully we won’t have to see her all the time now that she’s not a Dancing Queen!

That’s all for now, folks… but we’d love to hear what you think about asymmetrical styles and who’s wearing them!