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Pretty Straight Celebrity Hairstyles: Emma Watson, Christina Ricci, Jennifer Aniston, Eva Amurri & Julia Jones

Easy ways to tress up straight hair!

Straight hair is always better with a little bit of TLC as the stars give their manes when they come out at night…like they did at the MTV Movie Awards.

Fans of Emma Watson from her Harry Potter days are glad to see she’s growing out the very short-short cut that she got after her long run as Hermione in Harry’s Wizardly World. The post-Hermione look was called a pixie but it came close to being a buzzed hairstyle. We thought Em looking like Aubrey Hepburn was darling, but her Hermione admirers were shocked (and disappointed). Moving out of the precise short has given Emma more versatility and the chance to tousle her tresses because every hair doesn’t have to be in place. Golden highlights are heavier around the face drawing attention to the model/actress’s glowing personality. The style can be worn as is, but it looks best when blow-dried with a round brush after applying a volumizing product on damp hair.

Eva Amurri Martino is in Adam Sandler‘s That’s My Boy (just released today). We know her better as Hank’s student/stripper from Californication. and as Susan Sarandon’s daughter. Eva’s take on straight hair is interesting with a touch of wave and curl thrown in for contrast. Long layers and ombré highlights provide body and hold after styling with a blow dryer and a curling iron (used sporadically on the ends).

Christina Ricci, who was in TV’s very short-lived Pan Am, chooses the easiest route for straight hair–short. The movie/TV star has the guts and good looks to wear a ‘do that shows off her face (and high forehead). Styling is straight-forward: simply apply gel and comb into place. Experiment with blow-drying or a flat-iron to achieve a smoother finish.

Twilight’s Julia Jones wears a bob, the tried-and-true style for straight hair. Instead of being ruler-straight, the ends are notched (or texturized as a hairstylist would say). Like Christina, Julia can carry off a dramatic ‘do that’s made that way with a center part.

How-to secrets for Julia’s hair work well for adding volume to any straight hairstyle. When hairstylist Cervando Maldonado worked with Ms. Jones, his first goal was to calm frizz. According to usmagazine.com, he applied Rose Veil Oil evenly through damp hair. After blow-drying the bob with a round brush, he made pin curls and left them in for 10 minutes. He added a bit of wave using a curling iron, but you could just gently brush out hair after the set.

Jennifer Aniston wears one of her trademark styles–long, straight and angled in front. Jen is famous for starting the “Rachel” trend from Friends (mid-length, heavily layered, very highlighted and highly stylized). She’s stated time and time again how much happier she is with her casual coif that’s become a modern classic. You can imagine how the look can be recreated: simply blow-dry hair over a large round brush. If you want (or need) more polish, use a flat-iron or jumbo-sized curling iron.

Julia photo from contactmusic.com. All others Getty Images/MTV.

Charlize Theron shaves her head: it’s bold, but is it beautiful? Knowing Charlize, the answer is ‘Yes’!

While everyone else is talking about Charlize shaving her head, we’re thinking, “When will she take off the hat(s) and show us the results?”

Anyone who follows entertainment or style knows that Charlize Theron cut off her hair in the last week. Peoplestylewatch.com reported that the long-haired blonde was photographed walking into a salon on June 6, and hasn’t been seen without a hat since.

On Sunday, Ms. Theron kept the news under wrap, wearing a beanie cap to and from a Pilates class. While the cold-weather topper seems odd for a hot day in L.A., you have to remember that celebrities and celeb wanna-bes wear UGG boots year-round.

On Monday, news of the barely-there haircut broke when Charlize wore a fedora that couldn’t hide her shaved nape. (As opposed to Mom’s hat the day before, a little knit cap seemed absolutely normal, not to mention adorable, on her son Jackson.)

While we’re not surprised that Charlize would make such a bold style move, it DOES seem dramatic when you consider her ultra-feminine look less than two weeks ago at the MTV Movie Awards. Char made a grand entrance in slightly-wavy straight hair and a red-hot dress.

If it were anyone else, you might think this is a publicity stunt to promote Prometheus or build “buzz” around Mad Max 4: Fury Road, which hasn’t even started filming! Jaded fans might argue that Charlize is wearing a buzzed-hair wig under those hats. It’s safe to say Ms. Theron is following in the footsteps of actresses Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, Demi Moore, Cynthia Nixon, etc. who have shaved their heads for a role.

Only time will tell if this transformation will have a big payoff like the Oscar she won for Monster. Only a short time (hours, days, a week) will tell the details of the latest daring ‘do in the Celebrity World!

Sources: FameFlynet.uk.com & AKM Images/GSI Media

oops…maybe Paris & Nicky Hilton have better hair than we thought!

In our last post we were a little mean (OK call us catty) when we wondered why the Hilton Sisters have such bad hair. We based our long-winded rant on a few unflattering photos of Paris and Nicky from the MTV Movie Awards. When doing other research, we discovered we may have jumped the gun, letting our dislike for the Hilton sisters influence our opinion of their hair. Tooling around the www, we found some good-to-great photos that make their manes look much better. We still don’t agree with the writers who say the Hilton sisters are sexy as always (but that’s a topic for another time, and anyway we don’t have room to talk when it comes to overall beauty!). For now, suffice it to say, we were not totally accurate in our assessment yesterday.

To see why we changed our mind, click here!

Paris & Nicky Hilton: can’t you afford to have better hair?

For all the money they have, you’d think the Hilton sisters would have the best manes in the world!

Maybe their high opinion of themselves says, “We DO have the best looks money can buy.” Perhaps they feel that designer fashions and jewelry are enough.

Watching them at the MTV Movie Awards, we couldn’t help notice how bad their hair is. We wonder if they even attempt to get a natural-looking hair color? Paris’ bleached-out blond looks like a white T-shirt that has “yellowed” after too many washings. Nicki’s shade is less bitter, but not much better. Both hair colors lack dimension and personality. Like most women, they let a bit of their dark roots show, but Paris goes too far showing her roots around the face.

They also seem oblivious to the sickly condition of their strands. Paris’ mane is thicker than Nicki’s yet it thins into spiky split ends. Meanwhile, Nicki could have had a cute cut IF she had maintained the angled fringe. Nicki’s lack of hair is even more noticeable where pieces get lumped together. The more we look at them, the more their hair reminds us of worn-out brooms.

While their hair is horrible, their stilted poses were the first thing that got our attention on Sunday. What we really want to know: are the Hilton sisters robots, aliens, zombies or escapees from a wax museum?

Take another look at the Hiltons. There’s not much difference between the top two photos; it seems like the sissies didn’t move in between shots and every hair stayed in place. Their arms are “glued” around their waists as celeb sisters are wont to do (think the Olsen twins). We don’t see any difference in Paris between the first and 2nd look, but the full-figure view shows Paris stuck sticking out her derriere (or is it just the angle?). In contrast to Paris’ frozen smile, Nicki has vacant eyes and non-expressive lips. Oh yeah, Nicki rotates her head ever-so-slightly. In yet another pose, the two prove they are alive: Nicki kicks up her feet, while Paris lifts her right arm and breaks her smile…but they still have bad hair!

MTV photos by Getty Images

Katy Perry’s haircolor sings the blues

It wasn’t surprising to see Katy Perry in blue hair at the MTV Movie Awards, but it WAS surprising when she wore the color in a way that works for real women! Compared with her electric blue wig, the pastel hairpieces seem downright conservative. The peek-a-boo streaks twirl through ringlets, making them new and different without screaming “Look at me”!

If you WANT to scream “Look at me,” follow Katy’s cue. Electric blue perfectly fits the singer’s acting career which includes providing the voice of Smurfette in the Smurfs movie and guest starring in the Simpsons.  When asked about wearing the hot hue to the MTV event, Katy said it made sense because she’s wearing it on the cover of her California Gurls.

If you fall in-between mild and wild, consider going with heavier streaks of blue and purple as K.P. has done. Like the wig, these colored hairpieces require no commitment. They work especially well with full, loose curls. Russell Brand’s fiancee isn’t the only one dabbling with the haircolor. At a past MTV Music Awards show, Gwen Stefani stood out in pale blue pigtails. The daring women who dye for this shade have nothing on Marge Simpson who’s been wearing it longer than anyone (from the ’60s until now). 

It will be interesting to see if Katy is a blue-head when she plays herself (not animated) with the Simpson puppets in The Fight Before Christmas set to air on Dec. 5th. What do you think?




Kristen Stewart’s hairstyle: since when did extensions become scandalous?

“Kristen caught in hair extension scandal!”

“We’re surprised that Kstew would partake in such phony primping!”

“She’s usually so natural… Will we ever be able to believe anything again?”

Is this a joke or for real? Negative comments like these were sparked by Kristen Stewart going from shoulder-length hair to a super-long mane in one day! In Korea promoting Eclipse, KStew looked like her normal self during the day and turned into a glamour girl after the sun went down. One naysayer exaggerated that it was like her hair had grown two feet. In all fairness to the media, most of the responses were favorable or neutral. When Kristen got back to the States, she didn’t hesitate to fake it again at the MTV Movie Awards.

What’s wrong with hair extensions anyway? More celebrities than you would think rely on them. Jessica Simpson is a big proponent of  HairUWear extensions and hairpieces. Others who add on to their manes are Jessica’s sis Ashlee, Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria Parker, Heidi Montage, Sarah Jessica Parker… too many to name.

Devoted fans or hair fashionistas would rather know how to get the look. The first time she extended her mane, Kristen wore it half up and let a piece of her real hair stick out. For MTV, the Twilight star wore it all up! Frederic Fekkai celebrity stylist Adir Abergel did an edgy look with high volume and loose curls. For starters, he applied Fekkai Full Blown Volume Styling Whip on damp hair, and styled it with his hands while blow-drying. He created more movement by using a one-inch diameter curling iron on top layers. The stylist took hair into a high ponytail and wrapped a strand from underneath around the pony holder. Use your creativity to finish up, breaking up the curls with a product like Fekkai Beach Waves and/or a strong-hold but light-looking  hairspray.

It doesn’t really matter what anyone thinks, because the Vampy tresses were perfect for Kristen on a night full of surprises like the passionate kiss instigated by Robert Pattinson on stage… as if to prove they truly deserve their Golden Popcorn award for Best Kiss.

Source: Hollywood Life.com by Bonnie Fuller