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Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss cuts and colors her hair like Twiggy’s (not like Miley’s!)

Some say Elisabeth has pulled a “Miley.”
We say, “No way!” What do you think?

Elisabeth Moss, a.k.a. Mad Woman Peggy Olson, has taken a page out of the ’60s by cutting her hair into a super-short Pixie popularized by Twiggy. For those of you who are too young to know who Twiggy was, take it from us. We wanted to look like her—more for her hair than for the stick thin figure that insired her name. (Back then we didn’t have to worry about being stick thin!)

Many writers are saying that Elisabeth was inspired by Miley Cyrus, who they are now calling a trendsetter. We couldn’t disagree more with the Miley comparison. First of all, Ms. Moss’ new shortcut has more class and is much more flattering than Ms. Cyrus’. (And we’re sure the new blonde won’t be desperately seeking attention with non-stop tweets!)

Secondly, Elisabeth has more in common with Emma Watson who went super short, pretty and sophisticated two years ago. Thirdly, the Pixie’s perfect for the retro Mad Men (even though Elisabeth is acting coy and saying she will be wearing wigs to make Peggy look the same next season).

And last, but certainly not least, E. wanted to try something new. “I wanted to do something really different,” she told US Weekly last Tuesday when interviewed at the premiere of For a Good Time, Call…

No matter what the reason, we think Elisabeth’s do-over is a winner!

Who has the best hair in MAXIM HOT 100?

Do you agree with MAXIM’s picks for their HOT 100?
More important: what do you think about their hair?  

Although our HOT 100 would be different from MAXIM’s, their infamous list always draws us in. This year it’s even more interesting because the rankings are based on Readers’ Opinions for the first time in one hundred years of Hot 100 history. This year we were pleasantly surprised by another first: Stephen Colbert placed Number 69 on the rankings (thanks to a massive write-in vote campaign)

Now let’s get to the meat of the matter. Help us choose the HOTTEST HAIRSTYLES from the MAXIM 100. For the complete list, click here.


Source: maxim.com

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Miley Cyrus’ hair: no more Hannah Montana!

Miley Cyrus wasn’t even old enough to vote when she set out to make us forget the girl who made her famous, Hannah Montana. You can see it in the hairstyles, fashions and even in the way she acts (like a spoiled former child star). Sometimes the new woman wasn’t so radical. At the Kids’ Choice Awards and the Grammys she chose the kind of hairstyles you would expect of an adult at big awards shows. For the first event, her do had a slanted side part and brond haircolor (blond highlights on brown). For the second occasion, Miley wore a barely-there part with hair lifted in the same direction as long side bangs. The results for the Kids is all-American while the Grammys are oh-so-sophisticated.

For the cover of Marie Claire and the movie So Undercover, the grown-up looks suit the situation (and Miley’s desire to run away from her Disney role). The sexy styles are very similar, but different, too. The Marie Claire M.C. is shorter, blond on top of brown, and the loose curls resemble soft waves. Paired with ethereal fashions the results are more angelic than sensual. Even the Victoria’s Secret style is calm in comparison to Miley in 2009 when she resembled an exotic dancer. Back then Little Hannah Montana fans (or should we say their mothers) were disappointed to see M.C. going in an opposite direction of her first starring role.

Who knows what the future holds for Miley and her hair, but don’t expect a return to simply pretty looks. Maybe when she’s in her 40s, Miley will yearn for those days when her curly-wavy, waist-length mane with the top pulled back reflected Miss Montana’s fresh-faced innocence.