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Micaela Schaefer: strip ‘tease’ distracts from pretty hair at MIB3 premiere!

Beautiful hair and makeup aren’t enough to get her “all” of the attention  she craves. So Micaela goes nearly naked to the German premiere of Men in Black 3, hogging the spotlight on the Red Carpet!

Are you desperate to get noticed? Do you think your looks, brains and personality aren’t doing the trick? If so, follow the lead of Micaela Schaefer, Germany’s Next Top Model contestant. Wear the least amount of clothing or material (VHS tape) to a big event that will be saturated with paparazzi. That’s exactly what Micaela did, and she got her day or two of fame, making headlines all around the world! The plan may have backfired because the news wasn’t flattering.

She’s been called all kinds of names but our favority is “attention whore,” a gorgeous woman who feels like she has to sell her body to get ahead.

It’s funny that her luscious hair and makeup went unnoticed during her strip tease. Many women would be happy to have perfectly shiny ringlets twirling down their back. Another potentially eye-catching touch is a headband of braided hair contrasting with the smooth crown. Hot pink lipcolor and coordinating eye makeup are of-the-moment and finish off a look that cries out for a classic gown, colorful mini or flowy pantsuit.

It will be interesting to see if anyone remembers this bikini model after a few weeks. Of course, she might extend her expiration date by continuing to wear the Emperor’s Clothes.

We’re sure there are plenty of men and women who love to see Micaela au naturel…so if you want to see more of her full-body shots, click here!

Back photo by Press Association. Other photos by Wire Image.