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What do Aubrey O’Day & Maria Kanellis have in common?

One similarity is obvious, the other a little more subtle. Actually there may be more than two things they have in common. If you know the answer(s), make a comment. If you don’t, look for what’s alike later this week!



The mane Pre-game winners of Celeb App Our picks for the top spot are (from top left) Cheryl Tiegs, Tia Carrera and Aubrey O’Day. While these are NBC pix, we got them from the Chicago site and expect them to … Continue reading

Celebrity Apprentice hairstyles: Maria Kanellis, Holly Robinson Peete, Sharon Osbourne

If Donald Trump chooses a woman to be his Celebrity Apprentice, it will be Sharon Osbourne, Holly Robinson Peete or Maria Kanellis. If he picks a female to be #2, we predict it will be Sharon over Holly by a nose. If it were a beauty contest, we’d vote for Maria. If Cyndi Lauper weren’t gone, we would boycott Donald Trump and/or NBC.

Last week Ms. True Colors Lauper called Holly a be-otch (more than once) in the Board Room. Have you ever heard such language from a CEO on TV? Before you answer, exclude politicians like Joe Biden and Rod Blagojevich, failed gov of Illinois. The smug Mr. Rod invoked the f-word constantly on the show and said that one project was doomed from the start… kind of like a premature ejaculation!)  

Moving on to the hairstyles of the final 3 women… Maria Kanellis is so hot that it was hard to find appropriate pix for this post. The WWE Diva seems spacey sometimes and tough at others… but she’s proven to be smart, too. She’s done well on many Trump projects and is in the process of releasing a debut EP Sevin Sins. We think there’s a good chance that Maria will be fired this Sunday. In Maria’s NBC promo photo, she’s wearing smooth waves. As an Apprentice wanna-be, the SmackDown star usually flaunts red-hot ringlets, down, up, with a hat, etc.    

Holly Robinson’s curly locks resemble Maria’s (and they’re both gorgeous!), but their finished styles are way diff. Ms. Peete’s curls are calm, collected and conservative. Finding a pic of her smiling is like looking for a needle in a corn field. Most of the time she’s frowning, thinking or rolling her eyes. It all adds up to a negative image that could hold her back even though she’s a savvy businesswoman. (Ironically, Cyndi made Holly laugh for the first time during their last project!) 

We aren’t the only ones who think Sharon Osbourne will be the last woman standing. Former Apprentice hopeful Bill Goldberg predicts Sharon will take the top spot… (does she really need another win?). Her smart style has always confounded us considering hubby Ozzy looks like a washed-out rocker (who’s gone clean too late in life). A polished graduated short cut with sides curved forward makes us forget that Sharon lets out a stream of f-words when she’s mad, laughing, whatever…!    

No matter what, the finale should be interesting. We got sucked into Celebrity Apprentice to laugh at our impeached governor, but finding gr8 hairstyle ideas is a fringe benefit!