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Emma Stone’s Hair Color: White Blond vs. Strawberry Blond

Will the real Emma Stone please stand up?

The answer is both…and there are too many Emmas to count! Anyone who loves to follow hairstyle trends and their fearless leader knows why there are many versions of this blonde/redhead/brunette/almost-any-color-ette. She ranks with other famous chameleons yet provides us with a milder versions ranging from Madonna to Rihanna, Lady Gaga to Gwen Stefani, and Drew Barrymore to Katy Perry…

her hair color changes from month to month or week to week!

The White Blonde above was the color du jour on Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards, where she was named MTV’s first Trailblazer. Only a month ago her Strawberry Blonde was enchanting at the MET Ball 2012. (With those Lanvin hair ornaments and higher-than-high updo everyone was talking about the hot look.)

Emma’s shades are more wearable than most

As we hinted at above, Emma’s hair colors are more likely to be copied, as opposed to the other makeover queens. Obviously bleached blond isn’t for everyone, AND the majority of real women would choose an Em shade that’s fairly close to their natural hair color (one to two shades lighter or darker). Single-process, semi-permanent treatments are easier to maintain and change than high- and lowlights.

Even similar styles are different, depending on finishing touches & the color

Here, two updos feel different…the first exudes classic elegance, the second girlish charm! Curls are the base of both styles; the first ends up as a messy bun, and the second a messy topknot. Both looks were designed to be “fun,” according to Em’s stylist Mara Roszak. We think she achieved that, don’t you?

Battle of the Blondes: Rita Ora’s hair vs. Rihanna’s hair

Different shades of blond, same kind of pose
Stars copying their predecesors is nothing new, but entertainment writers make it seem that way when referring to Rita Ora and Rihanna. The first “R” has even been called The British Rihanna. While they don’t look exactly alike, they have similar tastes such as low-cut gowns, little tats on their left sides and long blond curls. As for the differences, their light haircolors are not the same here: Rita poses in a Marilyn-like platinum and RiRi wears a hard-to-define blond all her own. The texture varies, too. Rita’s hair is smooth and polished and Rihanna’s full and loose!

Their blond hair color and Beanies are nearly the same!
Earlier this year, the singers were photographed in trendy Beanies and bleached blond. Since then Rita has topped the Vodafone Big Top 40 for a second week with her debut single R.I.P. Hence, the continued comparisons between Rita and the global superstar.

While their cat eyes are not identical, is their hair color?
It’s hard to tell, because  these images are captured in different settings. Rihanna’s hair has a hint of butter color, but that may be due to the natural lighting.

In the end, these questions aren’t important. It’s not a crime to emulate famous names from the past. Just think of all the women who have tried to look like Marilyn Monroe: Madonna, Christina Aguielera, Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Michelle Williams and many more actresses.

What’s more interesting is whether Rita will continue to be labeled the new Rihanna and whether she will end up with a fraction of RiRi’s fame!

Anne Hathaway’s short hair fits Les Misérables role

When Anne Hathaway first garnered attention in the Princess Diary movies, who knew how versatile her career would become? Back then she was a pretty face who could sing and dance. Today she has garnered critical attention in movies and theaters and she’s bound to chalk up more kudos in the movie version of Les Misérables.

Her drastic do-over a few days ago puts her in the ranks of the most daring celebrities today–names such as Rihanna, Agyness Deyn, Michelle Williams, Carey Mulligan, Lady Gaga, Natalie Maines, Ginnifer Goodwin, Janet Jackson, Katy Perry, etc.–who don’t blink an eye before changing their hair.

But this isn’t the first time Anne has changed her hairstyle for “work.” In her first critically acclaimed role in Rachel Getting Married, Anne had her hair in a short bob (below right) that varied from pretty messy to pretty cute (depending on the volatile mood of her character). When that movie premiered, Anne’s hair had grown past the shoulders and was styled in a retro glamour look.


As for her long hair, we don’t have to say much–everyone knows her trademark mane. However, it’s worth noting how much versatility she got from her hair when she co-hosted the Oscars in 2011. She wore seven different hairstyles that were done during quick costume changes by Frédéric Fekkai celebrity stylist Adir Abergel.

On the subject of her current coif, we think the Huffington Post said it best:  “How do you transform from a healthy, glowing red carpet queen into a frail prostitute dying of tuberculosis? Why, you get a haircut, of course.”

Sources: WireImage, Splash News, Getty Images, Sony Classics, X17 Online, bellasugar.com

Mild-to-wild haircolor: Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, Lady Gaga & more!

You’d have to be a Sister from Another Planet (or not care about hair) to be clueless about one of the hottest hairstyle trends for girls in their teens and 20s. It’s wild-n-crazy haircolor–from streaks to bangs to ends to all over! The younger generation has been flaunting these neons, pastels, prints or other unnatural hues for some time, and they show no sign of letting up! Guess we should have seen the growth of the crazy color trend coming because of its popularity with hot celebs like Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, Kelly Osbourne and let’s not forget Lady Gaga.

A couple of easy ways to wear the colored streaks temporarily are feather extensions and custom dreadlocks. It came as a shock to see custom-colored hair pieces available at etsy.com, THE SOURCE for handmade jewelry, fashions, art, home décor, etc., but not hair pieces!

Feather extensions are the simple, subtle approach to color streaks. These from Wandering Eye Creations (via etsy) come in different lengths and widths in colors including purple to yellow and patterns such as grizzly to barred ginger.

For more technicolor, consider dreadlocks. The dreads shown below are from Black Sunshine (again on etsy). Colors you can choose from are vast–reds yellows, even natural-looking browns and blondes. If Katy Perry-like streaks are too subdued for you, choose falls that cover more or all of the hair!

Both kinds of fabulous fakes can be used a little or a lot… depending on your lifestyle, personality and love interests. Pin in a few around the face or place them randomly throughout. If you like how they work, recommend them to older women who wanna have fun or wanna show their true colors!

Photos: Getty Images & Bauer-Griffin. Sources: etsy.com, instyle.com, wonderwall.msn.com & glamour.com

Miley Cyrus’ style: going straight from PG to R

Dear Miley,
We know it’s time for you to give up Hannah Montana, grow up and expand your career outside of the Disney Channel. But why did you have to go and choose Britney and Lindsey for your role models? #1 they aren’t pretty. #2 they don’t act grown up. #3 they aren’t talented. #4 you’re limiting your audience if you copy the LLO and Brit type pseudo-stars #5 Madonna’s lingerie fashions made sense, but you are no Madonna (and neither is Lady Gaga!). #6 why don’t you copy celebs who balance sexy with sophisticated? Jennifer Lopez’s hot looks are close to what you want, but she doesn’t go overboard (most of the time!). Natalie Portman has done what you are so desperately seeking–transitioning from girl to woman–BUT she did it in a subtle manner. When she plays risqué characters in the movies, you know it’s not the real Natalie…she’s just a great actress doing her job. When she’s not filming, Ms. Portman goes back to her classic casual coifs.

Miley, we have to apologize for dissing your poor taste. There are plenty of times when you are the picture of beauty and poise… like when you wore a sleek ponytail with a high crown and loose curls highlighted in bronde (the trendy blond-brunette color combo). These pix only go to show how soft-spoken style can be just as hot as pole-dancing ‘dos!

Of course, none of this matters. You are a grown woman (girl?) and you’ll do what you wanna do.

Good luck!