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MTV Movie Awards 2012: say ‘I do’ to romantic Celebrity Hairstyles

Will KStew and RPatz nab “Best Kiss” for the fourth year in a row? Are you more interested in rom-coms like “Bridesmaids”?

No matter what…you’re sure to find a hot new ‘do (or 20) on the Red Carpet or during awards show starting in a couple of hours!

Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams’ kiss in “The Vow” snagged a nomination. Notice how “real” Rachel’s hair is when she and Channing get frisky. You can see why the messy updo  has become a timeless style.

And don’t forget to look for girlfriends kissing on stage. While we were researching this post, there were so many to choose from we gave up on finding the best. This photo of Jessica Biel and Sarah Silverman works well because it gives us a clear shot of their hair and faces (not always possible with same sex smooches when the BFFs get carried away!)

Kristen Stewart’s hair vs. Charlize Theron’s hair at ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ premieres

Whose hairstyle do you like better: Charlene’s or Kristen’s? 

For some reason, we don’t get much interest in the Celebrity Hairstyles of the hugely popular KStew or Movie Stars like Oscar-winning Charlize. Is there a reason for this? If you have the answer(s), please leave a comment. Thx!

And what about their fashions?

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