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Pouty lips of Rachel Bilson, Krysten Ritter and Kate Bosworth’s from InStyle

We totally love everything about instyle.com   If we had to choose only one fave on Twitter, this would be it! To see what we mean, check this out:

L!fe Happens: Copy Bilson, Ritter, and Bosworth’s Perfect Pouts : InStyle.com What\’s Right Now.

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Katy Perry and Krysten Ritter break the rules!

Who says baby bangs are just for little girls? Beauty critics and their old-fashioned followers. They think 8 is the age limit for wearing super short bangs.

Katy Perry and Krysten Ritter could care less. Katy shows she’s more than a young singer by doing what she wants. Meanwhile super short bangs are the first thing you notice about Krysten… if you haven’t seen her acting on TV (Breaking Bad) or in movies (She’s Out of My League).

The baby fringe goes in and out of style, but really stands out when they’re off season. The main ones who should say “No” to the look are those who want to hide their eyes, lips or anything about their face. Even older women can wear a variation of these babies. You might want to avoid pitfalls like the one Christina Aguilera took a few years back.