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Mad Men Hairstyles: Season 5 premiere

Are you sticking with Mad Men even though it’s been gone for 17 months? Chances are your answer is “Yes” if you’re reading this. There’s so many reasons to watch Mad Men, but one that’s not so obvious is their hairstyles! On the surface, you might wonder why we watch the hairstyles. While they’re retro ’60s, the glamour looks can be updated for today. So before the curtain rises, anticipate what’s sure to be a great-looking season for the Women of Mad Men.


Who’s that girl with January Jones?

We will get back to the ravishing redhead later. For now let’s look at January Jones, one of the many Beautiful People on Mad Men. Last season her character Betty separated from husband Don Draper. Turns out the ladies’ man ignored his wife one too many times. In real life, January Jones doesn’t get ignored. She’s famous for taking risks with her hairstyles and fashion. Recently InStyle.com featured her piecey blond bob as one of the looks they love! If you didn’t know better, the cut would seem random: a mix of layers and angles and a cut that goes from short to long on one side, long and lightly layered on the other. Adding to the beautiful mess are the loose curls/kicky ends combo and a crooked part. Now for the mystery redhead…. keep your eyes peeled for the answer to “Who’s that girl?” January Jones photo by Christopher Polk/WireImage.