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No more TayJa (Taylor Swift/Jake Gyllenhaal)

What a difference a day (or 2) makes!
Just this Sunday, we did a blog post about Taylor Swift’s gr8 hairstyles. In passing we mentioned her tendency to write songs about ex-boyfriends who break it off (Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, etc). When we wrote about her latest beau, Jake Gyllenhaal, we didn’t think he would be in this situation so soon! Thinking back it’s not so surprising… Tay & Ja hadn’t been seen in public since Dec. 9th. They each had big b’days recently–she turned 21, he 30–and the age diff may have been too much for the acclaimed actor. Despite her yo-yoing love life, Swift remains at the top of her game. Her record-breaking CD Speak Now and trendsetting hairstyles have made T.S. one of the most popular singers in the country (and pop music scene). Don’t count on Ms. Swift becoming a home-body while she waits for Mr. Right. She’s still young, successful and one very eligible Bachelorette.                                        Reuters/US photo

Taylor Swift’s hairstyles Speak Now!

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When Taylor Swift speaks, fans listen. Her Speak Now album had first-week sales of 1,046,718 and took the No. 1 spot of Billboard’s country albums chart and Billboard 200 all-genre rankings.

A huge part of Taylor’s appeal is her hair. While tween and teen girls love the long curly locks, they seem to be warming up to her new do — still long but straight with bangs. Most recently the beautiful blonde alternates between wavy and sleek to mix up her hairstyles without making a big change. The Swift singer’s trademark curls are easiest to copy if you have a perm or natural curls. To polish up any type of curly locks, devote lots of time to styling small sections of hair at a time with a large waving iron. Another fave of Tay is ringlets — also time-consuming unless you’re blessed with perfectly curled hair. Like the first look, you should work with little strands; use a large-diameter curling iron and hold it vertically. Either way let hair cool thoroughly, finger-brush minimally and spritz with strong-hold spray.

When she feels like going straight, Ms. Swift can smooth out the curls most of the way. Styled with a blowdrier and large round brush, spiral curls are straightened yet have lots of body. If you have longer side bangs and straight hair, simply copy Taylor’s current do and sweep fringe to one side. Back in the day, T.S. wore her curls every-which-way: all up, half up, waved and rolled into a low chignon, etc., etc. …

Any way she wears her hair, Taylor is a sweetheart with a touch of mischief. So far the good girl hasn’t gone bad (like Miley, Demi et al.), AND her  love life is far from dull, rumored to have dated Taylor Lautner, Cory Monteith and even John Mayer! She and her latest flame (Jake Gyllenhaal)  have moved past the rumor phase into the pre-serious stage.

You have to wonder how any guy (namely JoBro Jonas) can let her go. Hopefully Jake and future beaus will think twice before jilting her… or be prepared to have Taylor “Speaking” out in a song!