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Inception teaser, not spoiler: Leonardo diCaprio, Ellen Page & Marion Cotilliard

I have to hurry up, write this post and post it… before I see Inception (sometime tonight). I’ve been intrigued with the idea of the movie ever since I wrote about Ellen Page months ago. I remember watching the trailer and thinking it was a must-see for me. My husband is dissing the movie already, pointing out all of the negative reviews (2 or 3!) he’s seen. I’ve heard more good ones, but I’m trying to go in with an open mind.

The hairstyles alone are enough to draw me in. Two mane examples are leading ladies Ellen Page and Marion Cottilard. Their styles couldn’t be more different–natural vs. supernatural. Glamorous pix of Ellen from the movie are hard to come by. Even though she’s a professional architect, Ellen Juno looks like a young girl next to Leo. Ellen’s architect character shuns the executive tress code for coifs that say “casual Friday” or “weekends at home.” Meanwhile Marion dons the dos of a bombshell beauty like the one she played in Public Enemies. The looser ringlets that captured the heart of Dillinger are tighter and more polished to contrast with her gun-toting character.  

Of course the playing field was more level at Inception’s premiere (top). The stars both opted for updos, but again the results weren’t the same. Ms. Page let her side bangs hang out and loosened some other spots. As she often does, Marion went sleek and straight to high fashion. Either upsweep makes a grand entrance.

I’m stopping while I’m ahead. Check back later to see what the verdict will be!



Ellen Page’s hairstyles in Juno, Whip It & now Inception (with Leonardo DiCaprio)


When Juno premiered, Ellen Page wasn’t a teen, but she sure looked like it! Long before Ellen became a household name, she was a child actor (like Juno costar Jason Bateman), starting her career at the age of 10! in Pit Pony, a TV movie-turned-series. In addition to her baby face and great acting, real young hairstyles (ponytails and messy buns) made Ellen believable as an unreluctant, teen mom-to-be. In between filming, the Ellen chose pretty simple dos like the Teen Angel shag (above)… polished up only for a gallery photo session!


In Whip It Ellen has the role of another angst-filled high-schooler, Bliss, and uses her hair to make a statement: “I don’t want to be the  beauty queen/deb that Mom dreams of .” So her coifs range from blue-streaked punkster to wild curli-locks (that fly out from under her helmet when Bliss is “playing”  Babe Ruthless). A promo shot for Whip It shows Ellen’s character pretending to be glamorous when the skates come off (above). Her tight ringlets are loosened up and windblown…(a fave look of super models/stars and the only impracticle hairstyle here).  

Off the set, Ms. Page stays “real”…even at galas like the Whip It premiere. Surrounded by Big Hair and Bling, Ellen stands out in her relaxed style… as if she doesn’t need the trappings of Hollywood to support her rising star status.

Currently the petite brunette is co-starring with big star Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception, coming out in July. What’s next for Ellen? Loyal fans predict a future so bright we’ll have to wear shades!