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Demi Lovato’s hair soars like a ‘Skyscraper’ and changes with the wind!

Demi loves to change her hair and it shows!
How do we know DLo likes to vary her hair? Because that’s what she told allure.com in an August interview. “I love changing my hair a lot,” she said. “I think it’s fun.” Here’s just a few examples of her affection for makeovers.

One jacket. Two hairstyles
When you see stars wearing their favorite things at different times, their hair doesn’t change much. That’s not the case with Ms. D. Two hairstyles worn with the same jean jacket make Demi look like new women. One day, she let her hair down so pink dip dye stands out. Another time, Demi is hardly recognizable in upswept curls held up with a scarf headband. Of course, sunglasses make a difference, too. BTW: notice how the ends are light blue instead of pink!

One night. Three ‘dos!
As any good TV host, Demi changed her hair three times the night of the Teen Choice Awards. The two shown above aren’t that different; the second is more sedate because it’s not as high and exaggerated as her look on the pink carpet. Halfway through the show, Demi threw us a curve ball. Her mane had changed so dramatically it seemed like it had been colored back stage! We’ve heard that she simply hid the blue ends when wearing the high pony. We don’t know how she covered the aqua ends, but we’re guessing it had something to do with extensions.

What we really liked that night was Demi’s dip-dye color that lots of stars and real women her age are flaunting. This wasn’t her first foray into the trendy color scheme. On June 16th, she showed up at X Factor auditions in blond and brown dipped in hot pink. That day she tweeted fans, “Loving my pink hair…”

If you think the former Disney star will settle into one hairstyle now that she’s turned 20, think again. We’re guessing it will be years before the former Disney star calms down. When she was younger, Demi wanted to experiment with purple, pink, blue or whatever hair color, she told Allure. “But I was busy trying to make it in the industry as an actress. It was hard to go in for auditions with blue hair.”

Our final prediction: now that her career is moving forward, there will be no turning back any time soon!

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Kristen Stewart’s hairstyle: since when did extensions become scandalous?

“Kristen caught in hair extension scandal!”

“We’re surprised that Kstew would partake in such phony primping!”

“She’s usually so natural… Will we ever be able to believe anything again?”

Is this a joke or for real? Negative comments like these were sparked by Kristen Stewart going from shoulder-length hair to a super-long mane in one day! In Korea promoting Eclipse, KStew looked like her normal self during the day and turned into a glamour girl after the sun went down. One naysayer exaggerated that it was like her hair had grown two feet. In all fairness to the media, most of the responses were favorable or neutral. When Kristen got back to the States, she didn’t hesitate to fake it again at the MTV Movie Awards.

What’s wrong with hair extensions anyway? More celebrities than you would think rely on them. Jessica Simpson is a big proponent of  HairUWear extensions and hairpieces. Others who add on to their manes are Jessica’s sis Ashlee, Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria Parker, Heidi Montage, Sarah Jessica Parker… too many to name.

Devoted fans or hair fashionistas would rather know how to get the look. The first time she extended her mane, Kristen wore it half up and let a piece of her real hair stick out. For MTV, the Twilight star wore it all up! Frederic Fekkai celebrity stylist Adir Abergel did an edgy look with high volume and loose curls. For starters, he applied Fekkai Full Blown Volume Styling Whip on damp hair, and styled it with his hands while blow-drying. He created more movement by using a one-inch diameter curling iron on top layers. The stylist took hair into a high ponytail and wrapped a strand from underneath around the pony holder. Use your creativity to finish up, breaking up the curls with a product like Fekkai Beach Waves and/or a strong-hold but light-looking  hairspray.

It doesn’t really matter what anyone thinks, because the Vampy tresses were perfect for Kristen on a night full of surprises like the passionate kiss instigated by Robert Pattinson on stage… as if to prove they truly deserve their Golden Popcorn award for Best Kiss.

Source: Hollywood Life.com by Bonnie Fuller