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Emma Stone Hair Style Alert: dramatic new ‘do at Paris premiere of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

Faux bob, fingerwaves and platinum color add up to Femme Fatale

Emma Stone has done it again–turned the fashion world upside down with one of her mini makeovers. She made a Grander than Grand Entrance to the Parisian premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man. We’re calling the look “Retro Glam,” but other critics are saying it’s Goth, too washed-out, even vampire-ish. The naysayers are mainly referring to her makeup and the gown’s color, Black, which Em usually avoids on the Red Carpet.

How did Emma’s hairstylist Mara Roszak achieve the look?

Before she did a thing, Mara looked to the Gucci gown for inspiration, and she got it immediately! The Paris location also sparked her imagination, knowing that “I wanted to go for something really glamorous with a classic feel,” she told elle.com.

Hairstyling started with rough, air drying and mousse. Next she used a 1″ barrel-size curling iron on small sections of hair, followed by a pin-curl set. The hair was spritzed with a light hairspray, and allowed to sit for about five minutes. Using a gentle touch when brushing out the curls was key in maintaining what Mara calls an “S”-wave. Around the face, Mara used wave clips to hold the shape of the style until it was time for the final shaping and spraying. She lightly teased hair above the neck and then secured one side under, double-crossing the bobby pins for added hold. Finally, “I sprayed all over with Moroccanoil Finishing Spray.”

Check back later for updates on Emma’s ever-changing mane!

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