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Growing into celebrity style: Hailee Steinfeld’s hair

Is this girl a woman now or just on the brink? 

If you’ve only seen Hailee Steinfeld in True Grit, you would think she’s an ordinary girl from the Wild West. At the Oscars she looked more like an Academy Award nominee, more like the up-and-coming star she is. The recognition came as a result of Hailee holding her own with heavy hitters Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon. On the biggest night in Hollywood Hailee took out her braids and rolled her hair into a glamourous upsweep. A delicate headband complemented Hailee’s mane change.

If you didn’t know we were talking about Miss Steinfeld, would you recognize her in this black and white glamour shot? With a silky straight mane and cloud of feathers, Hailee seems like the obvious choice for new face of miu miu, Prada’s younger line. Not too long ago, Hailee wasn’t well known, and now she has joined the likes of other miu miu faces such as Katie Holmes, Kirsten Dunst and Lindsay Lohan.

Hailee’s look goes full circle when she kicks back. Her waist-length hair whispers “pretty” when deep waves get stronger near the ends. In pre-production of Forgotten, Sleeping Beauty and Romeo and Juliet, the actress is facing a hard follow-up to her Oscar-nominated performance in True Grit. She reminds us of another ingenue in  Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence who like Hailee transformed herself for her critically acclaimed performance in Winter’s Bone. Miss Hailee has already taken a major step in Hollywood with her Breakthrough of the Year honor that she received from Mr. Bridges at the Young Hollywood Awards.

We’re predicting this newcomer has a brighter than bright future–not only in acting but also in hairstyles and fashion.