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Agyness Deyn’s new hairstyle: bold, not beautiful buzz cut!


It’s been almost two months since Agyness Deyn shaved her hair, and there’s not a pretty pic yet (although a closeup photo IS cute!) Why would the brunette-blonde decide to get the buzz? We think any cut is better than this, and the new do disproves the theory that anyone who has a gorgeous face can wear ANY hairstyle. Why didn’t she stick with one of the shorts she’s worn before… the bowl design, a very short bob or little longer styles with a face-framing fringe?

As you would expect, Miss Rebel has already changed her crew cut (at the end of May) to bleached blond. She’s gone platinum many times in the past with great results (this time not so good). Pundits are calling the light do the “Billy Idol.” They say the Model will look more like the Idol when her hair grows out a bit and she spikes it up!  

That’s all we have to say for now, but one last question: Doesn’t the most recent photo look more like a mug shot than a magazine cover?