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Charlize Theron wants her hair back…

and she’s staying out of the public eye until it does!

If you’re like us, you want to see more photos of Charlize with her shaved head, but that’s not going to happen. She’s not happy with the bald look, and isn’t eager to be seen as a skinhead.

“She is not going out in public as much because of her hair,” according to the National Enquirer. “She’s growing it out as soon as possible.”

It’s rumored that Char is stocking up on hair products in an effort to make her hair grow out faster. We find it hard to believe that someone as intelligent would believe there’s a magical cure hair growth. She doesn’t need a miracle to get her hair long enough to look like the photo above.

If Charlize were getting out, her no-hair style might look like the photo at right. Notice how her stunning facial features can stand on their own. Still we can see how uncomfortable Ms. T. must feel without her luscious locks.

Pink’s hair vs. Katy Perry’s hair & rumored lip-synching at The Billboard Music Awards

We love bold, bright hair colors like Katy’s and Pink’s.
But the idea for this post comes from a controversy that’s taken on a life of its own after Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards show.

The alleged feud involved Pink, her husband Carey Hart, Chris Brown and Katy. It all started during the show and made headlines in the days after. Pink felt like she had to apologize to Katy for a tweet her husband sent that could have been taken the wrong way. From Sunday to Monday, Pink and Chris clarified that they were criticizing Chris Brown, not Katy, for lip-syncing. The gist of Carey’s first message was that Pink did a better job than Ms. Perry on a similar swinging-in-the-air act at the 2010 Grammy Awards, and Pink “was 3 months pregnant!”

Getting back to the mane reason for this post…
Judging from our stats, it seems you aren’t really into wild hair coloring a la Pink and Katy Perry (judging from our stats). But WE like some of them, and will continue to cover them…

Katy’s true blue & purple streaks?
Ms. Perry has favored this type of color scheme recently, and often the results are subtle like this. We haven’t heard about any fashion “expert” who compliments  the shades. Maybe we haven’t looked in the right places? Doesn’t matter, this combination is pretty even when it’s more noticeable hints of pastels.

Pink’s solid platinum vs. Pink’s pink streaks on white
Pink wore white-hot platinum in a cropped haircut with grand pomp and circumstance. Few real women could pull it off, but Pink can because she’s beautiful and confident enough to bare her face–that’s exactly what this ‘do does with its long lifted crown and buzzed sides.

The photo of Pink-on-white isn’t from Sunday’s Billboard gala, yet it’s more representative of her one-of-a-kind multicolors! We’re not sure if we’d ever dare to wear something so “out there”…unless it’s temporary, for a day or two. We’re more likely to try something subtle like January Jones’ pink streaks from Spring. In the end, we never say “never” when it comes to hair!

Sources: Getty Images for ABC, FilmMagic, Kat Giantis of Wonderwall.msn.com

Update on Janet Jackson’s new hairstyle

As we predicted, Janet Jackson is yo-yoing between her buzzed haircut and slightly longer styles. JJ’s pixie cut with bangs works perfectly for her role as the new face for Blackgama’s fur coat campaign. The beauty of the crew cut was evident when Ms. Jackson was vacationing in Sardinia, Italy earlier this summer. Without doing a thing to her hair, the pop star was free to swim, sail or just sit on the beach with her new boyfriend Wissam Al Mana. When it’s time to be on stage, Janet simply polishes up the do with a shine enhancer (like she did on the American Idol finale). Some star watchers compared Janet today with Toni Braxton in the early ’90s. While Toni’s short cut was a tiny bit longer and tinted in brownish red, we have no idea how Janet will make her short cut different in the days to come! 

Still the most daring Dixie Chick: Natalie Maines and her new buzz cut!

Dear Natalie,
If you had to cut off your hair again, why not leave a little bit like you did last year? Back then you had just enough hair to swept to one side with gel. Now you’ve gone too far… getting a close shave just in time to tour with the Eagles. Last year you surprised fans with an ultra-short do… now they’re in shock! But that’s the point isn’t it? Back in 2003 you became known as the most daring Dixie Chicks when you criticized President Bush. Your new buzz cut shows you’re as militant as ever. Now that that’s out of your system, hurry up and grow your hair out. Or just go a little longer and use some styling product to look like the star you are. It’s great to see you haven’t lost your sense of humor (along with your hair). One night you said, “We advise everyone to stick around ’cause we got a really good band called the Eagles coming up.” And while you were kidding, a writer for The Chicago Tribune said, “It’s the Chicks, not the Eagles who soar.”
Stay cool, Natalie!
A real-life Dixie Chick