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Celebrity Apprentice: Aubrey O’Day’s blond seems more natural than her ‘all-real’ red!

If it weren’t the finale, Aubrey’s new haircolor would have been big news. But that’s OK…it IS big news to hairstyle fashionistas!

The new hue takes the place of her bizarre haircolor that had come to be known as “clown” red. We have loved to hate her hair this season, especially when she said the brassy haircolor is “all real.” We thought she was joking when she said that to hair products guru Farouk. But in traditional stilted fashion of Celebrity Apprentice, no one laughed or even teasingly questioned her…yet their rolling eyes said it all.

At first, we thought the makeover was an effort to steal the spotlight for one last time. After seeing the new photos above from @AubreyODay, we realized why O’Day made the change: it’s better than her drop-dead red and better fits her “girls just wanna have fun” image.

We’d truly love to go on about Aubrey’s hair, but it’s getting late. And we don’t want to take away from the real news of the night: Arsenio Hall is the new Celebrity Apprentice, and Clay Aiken is his nearly equal runner-up!

Carey Mulligan’s hair: coming soon

An Oscar nomination was only the start to a whirlwind year for Carey. While her characters change, so does her hair. She’s worn more dos in one year than some stars wear in 10! In “An Education” her long hair ranged from short and messy to up and sophisticated. For the Academy Awards, the unknown actress chopped off her hair and dyed it platinum. Since then it’s gone red and back to a more normal blond and she’s gotten incredible versatility just by going a little bit longer. Check back to get the details on her hot, new dos!