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‘Bachelorette’ Finale: sneak peek at Emily Maynard’s style

Beautiful hair, beautiful setting, not-so-beautiful dress…that’s what we predict for the last night of Bachelorette!

Beautiful hair
Em made a great hairstyle choice for the Final Rose Show. The smooth crown breaks into waves and then loose spiral curls. We really like the look because it’s realistic and pretty easy to do at home. One option is using waving and curling irons after blow-drying.

A side view of her hair shows that her waves are not overdone. Their “messy” texture fits today’s trends. If your hair has natural body, you could apply a strong-hold product and scrunch while blow-drying with a diffuser.

Beautiful setting, not-so-beautiful dress
You’re used to seeing gorgeous scenery during the season, but the finale in Curacao will appear more exotic. Here, luscious flowers detract attention from Em, and that’s a good thing! From the front, the gown’s fitted top and full skirt are unbalanced and make her look bottom heavy–hiding the truth that she’s ultra petite.

Do you agree with any of our last-minute thoughts?

Click here to see preview of finale!

Question about ‘The Bachelorette’: do you like Emily Maynard’s hair?

From everything we’ve read about The Bachelorette, it seems like you LOVE Emily Maynard’s hair. We agree that her blond mane’s pretty, but we think it’s time-consuming and not practical for real women…unless you’re great with your hair or have help from a celebrity stylist. With the loves of her life now narrowed down to Jef and Arie, there’s little time to left to talk about this season’s Bachelorette. We don’t want to go into a lot of detail about her hairdo how-tos until we know that you’re interested. Hence the reader’s poll below.

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Top left photo from StarTraks, others from ABC

Courtney Robertson’s Bachelor hairstyle (or lack thereof)!

Weeks ago–before Courtney Robertson won The Bachelor–we were ready to write scathing posts about her, questioning her sanity, his sanity, the producers’ sanity and the sanity of anyone associated with the modern Dating & Let’s Get Married Game. Like the rest of the world, we didn’t like her lying and scheming character, complete with baby voice, exhibitionist behavior and lack of respect for the other Bachelorettes (we’re not sure she respects many members of the female sex).But now that the dust has settled, we’re starting to change our mind about the diva. If you believe the tabs, Bachelor Ben Flajnik started cheating on his “fiancée” even as they were moving in together. The latest coverage is putting a diff light on Courtney…as the suffering woman who’s setting up house while Ben jets to Vegas with the boys.

Like you, we’re sick of the whole thing. However we have to go on record about her hair: it’s not that good! Her locks were at their best when wet…so that was most of the time on the show. In general there was nothing interesting about the hairstyles of any Bachelorette. If we get any feedback from this post, we might write more about how dull their dos really are!

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