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Courtney Robertson’s Bachelor hairstyle (or lack thereof)!

Weeks ago–before Courtney Robertson won The Bachelor–we were ready to write scathing posts about her, questioning her sanity, his sanity, the producers’ sanity and the sanity of anyone associated with the modern Dating & Let’s Get Married Game. Like the rest of the world, we didn’t like her lying and scheming character, complete with baby voice, exhibitionist behavior and lack of respect for the other Bachelorettes (we’re not sure she respects many members of the female sex).But now that the dust has settled, we’re starting to change our mind about the diva. If you believe the tabs, Bachelor Ben Flajnik started cheating on his “fiancée” even as they were moving in together. The latest coverage is putting a diff light on Courtney…as the suffering woman who’s setting up house while Ben jets to Vegas with the boys.

Like you, we’re sick of the whole thing. However we have to go on record about her hair: it’s not that good! Her locks were at their best when wet…so that was most of the time on the show. In general there was nothing interesting about the hairstyles of any Bachelorette. If we get any feedback from this post, we might write more about how dull their dos really are!

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