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Who wore the best hairstyles at the Teen Choice Awards? Who wore the worst?

Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Hayden Panettiere and Lea Michele are some of the stars who made the best-dressed lists, and we’re guessing at least one of them will get your vote for favorite hairstyle!

While everyone else talks about the best- and worst-dressed at awards show, we look for the best-tressed. The Teen Choice Awards 2012 is no exception! Before we go into detail about their ‘dos, we’d like to know whose hair you want to know more about. Go through the next few posts and then come back here to place your votes. If you don’t see your Teen Choice hairstyles, just list them under “Other” in the poll below!

Here’s a few stars to get you started. For the next post, click here!

Carly Rae Jepson spices up long hair with bangs and an angled fringe.
Ashley Benson makes the classic upsweep chic with high volume and loose tendrils.

Demi Lovato looks like she borrowed Madonna’s I Dream of Jeannie ‘do. Chelsea Kane is one of the few stars who wore short hair at the Teen Choice Awards. Why don’t more celebs follow her lead?

Pink on Blond Haircolor: January Jones, Chloe Moretz and Ashley Benson

You know a trend’s hot if January Jones is wearing it, and other celebs are following her lead. While they won’t stick with pink long, we predict real women will be trying on pink for a while…just for the fun of it! January’s pink highlights are so subtle they’re barely noticeable. Meanwhile Chloe Moretz (left) dons pink on one side and Ashley Benson (right) paints her ends pink. when we first saw Chloe and Ashley’s hot pink, it looked weird to us. But soon we decided it’s pretty, playful and delicious…like cotton candy or bubblegum. We’re saved the best news for last: you don’t have to make a long-term commitment to the pastel streaks: simply clip in extensions/feathers or use temporary haircolor. (Click here to read more about Chloe-style pink.)

Sources: Getty, PR Photos and WireImage