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Rihanna’s ringlets steal the show

Rihanna’s cherry curls… simply delish! She premiered them at the American Music Awards, and we hope she sticks with them longer than normal. Watching her hot singing/dance acts, we flashed back to Whitney Houston in happier days (right). We don’t remember the older singer going with a rich red like Rihanna’s but the ringlets and the cuts have a lot in common. Girls who wear curls can appreciate a good layered haircut. Talented hairstylists know exactly where to snip spirals so that they frame the face instead of overwhelming it. The layers also add bounce to curls that can be weighed down by too much length. Compared to straight hair, it’s harder to make curly locks shiny but highlights, salon treatments and shine-enhancing products can be a big help. Or take a cue from the stars: use hair extensions, pieces or wigs to turn on the shine. If Rihanna’s ringlets aren’t your thing, just wait for her next do-over… it’s only a matter of days!

Rihanna’s hairstyle: what will it be for the AMAs?

When she opens the American Music Awards tonight, Rihanna will sing the second part to Eminem’s Love the Way You Lie, according to Us Magazine. It’s not that easy to predict the hairstyle(s) she’ll be wearing. Staying a redhead would be a good guess considering Ri’s current fascination with the fiery color. The way it will be styled is anyone’s guess because Rihanna loves to change her look in surprising ways!


We’d like to see her in the pretty long, straight extensions that resemble real-life hairstyles, but that’s not likely. Why would Rihanna be conservative  on a night when everyone else goes wild. Something wild would be the bright red that’s getting the most attention (and criticism) now. If she wants to be bold AND beautiful, stylized curls would work well (like they did for a party with Melody Thornton, former Pussy Cat Doll).

Maybe the best compromise would be something similar to a thoroughly modern updo of tresses piled sky high as it was for the MTV EMAs. 

And here’s a wild guess: the Ri-ster returns to the short red hair that set off her love affair with red earlier this year.

Rihanna isn’t the only one who will out- “do” herself tonight. Anyone who’s into hair and style, couldn’t find a better place to be than the AMAs 2010!

Photos Getty Images, WireImage and PA/Press Association Images/Abaca