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Christina Aguilera’s hairstyles perfect for ‘American Idol’ and her new movie role!



After a long Mommy break, Christina Aguilera made up for lost time with an emotional performance on the American Idol finale (she was just one of many big-name stars who turned out for the big-time show). Meanwhile, the famous platinum blonde is working on a movie Burlesque and promoting her new Bionic LP. Between all of this, the working mom doesn’t have much time for music rehearsals. That’s the reason she’s giving for cancelling a tour that was supposed to start in July.      

Burlesque is Christina’s first live-action movie (animated Shark Tale doesn’t count!). As its name suggests, the new movie revolves around a Cabaret-like club in LA. Ms. Aguilera should have no problem playing a small-time girl with a stunning voice trying to make it big in Hollywood. True to format, the fictional star-wannabe will have all her dreams come true (in a couple of hours!) The neo-burlesque club seems like it’s been picked up from Bob Fosse’s Cabaret.       

Unless the hairstyles are totally remade for today, the singer-turned-actress already wears the kind of retro looks to match the character. A sleek, thick bob (above) is truly timeless, and could be “done” to fit any era. Another of her ageless styles is a polished, smooth chignon with baby bangs. The updo looks tailor-made for a show girl… with fiery lips, kittenish eyes and expressive makeup. Now comes the bombshell–white-hot curls a la Marilyn Monroe. In coifs like this, Christina reminds us of the young Marilyn Monroe who (like her movie character) came from a small town seeking fame and fortune! Though mostly known as a blond bimbo and struggling actress, Marilyn wanted to be a singer. She worked hard on it and was surprisingly good when she sang “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” to JFK Sr.     

In short, there’s no question about it: Christina Aguilera will definitely look the part in Burlesque!       






Janet Jackson’s new hairstyle on American Idol!


Lee Dewyz may have won American Idol 2010, but the real news is: Janet Jackson’s surprise performance when she wowed the audience with a new ballad and an old Nasty. For the first she was dressed in a fitted black gown (above) but then she stripped down to a skin-tight body suit a la Cat Woman. Her appearance was only one of many that outshined Idol Dewyz. Another reason Ms. Jackson stole the show is her new buzzed haircut. When she first got the super-short style there wasn’t a photo to be found of Janet smiling… in fact she looked unhappy with her drastic style change (below). A few days later her mood seemed to lift when she attended a special screening of Why Did I Get Married Too? in London (above left). There will be more to talk about tomorrow, so tune in!  

American Idol finale: Crystal Bowersox’s hairstyles



We don’t care what the critics say… when it comes to hair, Crystal Bowersox has our vote! After all, when do you see a rising star stick to her roots and wear her old hairstyle? Crystal rarely tresses up, but that might change after the American Idol finale tonight. The bluesy folk rock singer will be a success even if she comes out #2 in the biggest talent show in the country (if not the world!). Posing as a glamour girl, Crystal proves the naysayers’ wrong. The popular opinion among critics is: Crystal’s unkempt looks aren’t appropriate for Idol status. While messy dreadlocks are her thing, the daring do can easily be polished up… and it’s more versatile than you might think! Simply undo the twists and rearrange them (all up, half up, braided bun, whatever).

  Now, this is more like it… Crystal lets her hair down when she’s offstage, signing autographs and mingling with fans. Anyone who’s never had a taste of dreadlocks (Caribbean beach style) doesn’t know what she’s missing! You can do it a little or a lot. Choose to go all out reggae, half dreadlocks or a just a few in front. Unless you’re in the islands, you probably want to play it safe. Another option: start with lots of dreadlocks and take them out a section at a time for cool crinkly curls. The best part? The twisted tresses look good for weeks or longer if you want. Simply shampoo and go… or create a one-of-a-kind coif before hitting the road! 

Next to co-finalist Lee DeWyze Crystal’s mane really breaks the norm until she changes it up and goes from Janis Joplin to Royal Rocker. For modern pomp, Crystal teases her long bangs and gently lifts them up and back. The rest of crown is smoothed back and topped off with a twisted ponytail. There’s a big diff between the dressy updo and the others. When Crystal strikes a “poster” pose, her hair is pretty similar to the style in the photo with Lee: the second look is tousled and pumped up on top! Yet another option is a big French-style braid wrapped around the crown and topped with calmer dreads.

A big reason fans can relate to Crystal is her adorable son, Tony, and they have nicknamed her Momma Sox. During quality time with Tony, hairstyles (and career) are the least of the star’s concerns, so a high pony is a natural

 In a few hours the next American Idol coronation takes place… either way, Crystal wins the style competition!