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Brooklyn Decker’s makeover: swimsuit model trying to change image!

Just Go With It, get a haircut!
Right before the premiere of this Adam Sandler movie, Jennifer Aniston shocked her fans by cutting her long hair into a lob (a long bob). Right after the premiere, castmate Brooklyn Decker did like Jen, but chopped 10 inches off her mane! While Jen’s look hasn’t changed much, Brook looks like a different woman in her longish-bob. This was a smart move for the blonde who’s trying to go from supermodel to actress. The makeover fits her career goals because the new do is conservative and easily styled to suit a businesswoman.

It’s going to take more than a haircut to go from model to actress
Though she might not have gotten as much publicity as Jen, Brooklyn got plenty of attention from gossip tabloids and celeb mags. Ms. Decker loves the new do for the same reasons she hates the trailer of her first film, Just Go With It. The preview aired over and over during the Super Bowl, drawing more interest to the babe in a bikini than the halftime show’s received in years! Later she told Conan O’Brien she was disappointed in Sony who didn’t live up to their promise to showcase her acting potential rather than her past as a cover girl on Sports Illustrated’s infamous Swimsuit Issue.

Brooklyn Decker’s Drastic Haicut: Likes or Yikes?
This was the question posed by ivillage.com. after Brooklyn posted the do-over on Twitter. Female fans have cried out, “Why’d she do it?” and guys wondered the same thing! Experience tells us that girls and women who like to follow styles of the stars prefer very long hair, usually full curls, windblown waves, but also straight and sleek … basically anything long and sexy!

Ask any guy what he thinks about the new do. If he even cares to talk about hair, he’ll probably say something like, “She’d look good in anything”! We take this to mean she can wear any hairstyle–one of those stars we hate because they’re beautiful…no matter how they wear their hair (think Demi Moore, Agyness Deyn, Janet Jackson, Emma Watson, Michelle Williams, Carey Mulligan, Hayden Panettiere). Those who don’t like the shorter style have to admit that it’s easier to maintain. It’s long enough not to need a trim every four to six weeks. And it looks great naturally (if cut by a talented stylist).
Sports Illustrated 2009 iPhone application

Image by cattias.photos via Flickr

These shorter hair pix are easier to do than you might think, but the sleek style takes more time and effort: blowdry with a large round brush, working with small sections at a time. The second view of the new tresses is pretty natural. Simply blow dry bangs forward and everything else back. Roll ends under, over or both, and you’re ready to rumble! And don’t worry about being pretty, shorter hair flatters almost anyone!Sources: FlynetPictures.com, Getty Images, ivillage.com, Brooklyn Decker, dailymail.co.uk

Meet “Bob”: Jennifer Aniston’s new hairstyle

Before and after "The Bob"

"The Rachel"

It’s been a while since Jennifer Aniston single-handedly started a hairstyle trend that swept the country. In the ’90s, women everywhere stormed salons asking for “The Rachel” named after her character on Friends. Now that Jen got the urge to cut her hair, we predict “The Bob” will become more popular than it already was before. While the older style is gorgeous, it’s much harder to get and keep (i.e. take care of). The shape has to be precisely layered, and then you have to be willing to spend a big chunk of time on your hair every day.

In comparison, the bob is universally flattering and very easy to wear. Don’t let the simple shape fool you, though. It takes a talented stylist to get the right length and to clip ends so they fall into place with minimal effort. For this rom-com star, lighter haircolor and honey blond around the face add to the fresh feel.

Jen premiered her “Bob” in Spain where she was with Adam Sandler and Brooklyn Decker promoting Just Go With It. Some writers went so far as to say that the former Mrs. Pitt upstaged Brooklyn that night. We wouldn’t go that far, preferring to say they are equally beautiful.

Devoted fans know this isn’t the first time Ms. A has worn a bob or different looks. For more info, stay tuned!