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Men in Black 3 premiere: Micaela Schaefer’s barely-there clothes trump pretty hair

Beautiful hair and pretty facial features aren’t enough to make her the center of attention. So Micaela goes nearly naked to the German premiere of Men in Black 3, stealing the spotlight from the real stars on the Red Carpet!

Are you desperate to get noticed? Do you think your looks, brains and personality aren’t doing the trick? If so, follow the lead of Micaela Schaefer, Germany’s Next Top Model contestant. Wear the least amount of clothing or material (VHS tape) to a big event that will be saturated with paparazzi. That’s exactly what Micaela did, and she got her day or two of fame, making headlines all around the world! The plan may have backfired because the news wasn’t flattering.

She’s been called all kinds of names but our favority is “attention whore,” a gorgeous woman who feels like she has to sell her body to get ahead.

It’s funny that her luscious hair and makeup went unnoticed during her strip tease. Many women would be happy to have perfectly shiny ringlets twirling down their back. Another potentially eye-catching touch is a headband of braided hair contrasting with the smooth crown. Hot pink lipcolor and coordinating eye makeup are of-the-moment and finish off a look that cries out for a classic gown, colorful mini or flowy pantsuit.

It will be interesting to see if anyone remembers this bikini model after a few weeks. Of course, she might extend her expiration date by continuing to wear the Emperor’s Clothes.

We’re sure there are plenty of men and women who love to see Micaela au naturel…so if you want to see more of her full-body shots, click here!

Back photo by Press Association. Other photos by Wire Image.


Is there anyone out there who likes Aubrey O’Day?

We admit we’ve been harsh on Aubrey O’Day since opening day of Celebrity Apprentice 2012. Now we want to give you a chance to express your opinion. We especially want to hear from fans of Audrey or those who think we’re totally off base. To help us analyze the results (and if you feel like it), indicate your gender in the comments section below.

Photo by FilmMagic

And what about her hair?

Celebrity Apprentice: We hope Aubrey O’Day has been fired, but we doubt it!

Celeb Apprentice 2012: the Aubrey O’Day show

Vanity thy name is Aubrey

Aubrey’s hair is the least of her faults

Aubrey said her hair is ‘all real’ last week. Can you believe it?!

May 13, 2012–Right here, right now begins our near-to-final thoughts about this year’s C.A. But in the interest of full disclosure, we should say it’s really a continuing critique of Aubrey O’Day. Since the clock’s ticking, this is a QuickPress, and the first posts to follow will not highlight her hair. Instead they will sum up why we love to hate Ms. O’Day, why she should NOT BE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE and why she never should have made it this far in the competition of celebrity wanna-bes. Really C.A. should be called a NON-reality show because we doubt any successful CEO would consider most of these D- and F-listers as real job candidates!

Researching this series has been super-easy, not to mention confidence-building because the data validates the truth behind our biased opinion! So far there’s overwhelming evidence that Aubrey O’Day just might be the most dis-liked Celebrity Apprentice wanna-be ever!

Exhibit A (above): a doctored photo of Aubrey from depicting real Aubrey. The image is titled “clownhore” (we can’t imagine why!) and it goes with the post Celebrity Apprentice: It’s Time to Call Some People Out. Lily Sparks sums it up perfectly when she writes, “I’m LOOKING AT YOU, AUBREY.”

Exhibits B & C (above right and below) speak to Aubrey’s love of herself, her exhibitionist tendencies and her bad taste in everything from hair to fashion to morals to ad infinitum.

Click on photo or click here to view the (mostly) naked truth re. Aubrey

Celebrity Apprentice Aubrey O’Day’s hair: “you’re fired!”

When Aubrey O’Day was announced as a Celebrity Apprentice contestant, we didn’t know who she was. We thought she had a lot in common with Maria Kanellis, a former C.A. contender, just because of their looks: red hair, curvy figures and skimpy fashions.

Boy, were we wrong! In all but one way, Kanellis is heads above O’Day. The only advantage Aubrey has is her creativity. Everything else about Aubry is negative–her nonstop egomania, manipulation and meanness. Every week, Aubrey takes over the task even when she isn’t the project manager. (Oh yeah there was one week after her meltdown that she decided to be quiet and mellow.) Ms. O’Day doesn’t respect or tolerate anyone else (especially old people) on the show except for Lisa Lampanelli (who hasn’t been a direct competitor).

We were also wrong about their hair. While Maria’s hair looks natural, everything about Aubrey seems artificial–from the clownish red to the hairstyles no self-respecting woman would wear. Before the games began, we thought that Aubrey would do some pretty, interesting things with her hair as Ms. Kanellis did (and still does). Actually you could call Aubrey’s hairstyle choices interesting…in a bad way! The old “I Dream of Jeannie” look (above left) is only one of the many outrageously ugly hairdos (or don’ts) in the world of Celebrity Hairstyles. The studio photo (above) is attractive from a distance, but up-close seems like the work of a professional hairstylist. If Aubrey did her hair like this, it would take hours of blowdrying and styling with a curling iron.

Many of her bad coif choices happen when her hair is worn up. For example, there’s the sky-high beehive that shows off dark roots and unusually bright red of the topknot. The back view is unpleasant, too, with that un-kept haircolor. Another poor Aubrey coif (above right) doesn’t seem so bad at first glance. But look closely and you’ll notice the unflattering center part, flat crown, waves and dry ends.

When it comes down to it: Aubrey’s image is Playboy Bunny gone wrong. Admittedly skin-baring models can look good when styled well: Aubrey isn’t one of them. Even her cleavage looks fake!

Try as she might, Aubrey will never get away from her bimbo label. As usual she blamed someone else when she talked to the Huffington Post. “I think Celebrity Apprentice has roles they want to fit people in and I was the sexy Playboy bunny role. A lot of people were surprised that I would be more than that and they had to restructure what to do with the show because of that.”

In the end, we could care less about her career. We just like making fun of her!

Courtney Robertson’s Bachelor hairstyle (or lack thereof)!

Weeks ago–before Courtney Robertson won The Bachelor–we were ready to write scathing posts about her, questioning her sanity, his sanity, the producers’ sanity and the sanity of anyone associated with the modern Dating & Let’s Get Married Game. Like the rest of the world, we didn’t like her lying and scheming character, complete with baby voice, exhibitionist behavior and lack of respect for the other Bachelorettes (we’re not sure she respects many members of the female sex).But now that the dust has settled, we’re starting to change our mind about the diva. If you believe the tabs, Bachelor Ben Flajnik started cheating on his “fiancée” even as they were moving in together. The latest coverage is putting a diff light on Courtney…as the suffering woman who’s setting up house while Ben jets to Vegas with the boys.

Like you, we’re sick of the whole thing. However we have to go on record about her hair: it’s not that good! Her locks were at their best when wet…so that was most of the time on the show. In general there was nothing interesting about the hairstyles of any Bachelorette. If we get any feedback from this post, we might write more about how dull their dos really are!

The Bachelor (US TV series)

Aubrey O’Day’s hair vs. Maria Kanellis’ hair

Did you know the answer(s) to the question we posed on Jan. 10: what do Aubrey O’Day and Maria Kanellis have in common? You don’t have to be a genius to know one of the multiple choice answers… It’s clear they are both red-hot redheads. A second answer is not so clear if you are new to our blog. Fans of Celebrity Apprentice might know the answer or discover it soon when The Trump starts his new season of myriad egomaniac enterprises that would better named The World’s Worst Boss. New viewers will see that Aubrey is an Apprentice-wanna be this year. Those who’ve followed C.A. remember Maria from her extended job interview two years ago.

Another answer comes from a male reader: “They’re both hot!” he raved a day after the blog was posted. We’re guessing their hairstyles’ popularity will be another commonality. Aubrey O’Day’s wavy hair will be just as popular as Maria Kanelli’s hair is (judging from our stats). Even their careers are similar: a reality star and a WWE diva who both would rather be known as singers rather than for their sex appeal or past “success?”.

But let’s get back to the mane thing:
O’Day’s hair and Kanellis’ hair. Above Aubrey’s red is brighter than Maria’s… we think it’s a little MUCH, not natural-looking and bordering on  clown-ish. However, the lighting exaggerates and contributes to the cartoon-like carrot top. In real life (right), the color is much better… but still out there. What’s more interesting about Aubrey’s red hair is that in the past she’s alternated from light to dark to dishwater blond. Her new red is surprising and seems to be inspired by Rihanna, who often shows up in cherry red or auburn ringlets.

What about their hairstyles?
Obviously one long-hair is wavy, the other’s straight. Not so obvious is the fact that Maria has to spend a lot of time smoothing out her curls when she wants them tamed down (top). Just as Aubrey is more recognizable in straight hair, she has gone wavy here. In the candid shots here, the colors and styles are more alike: loose waves.

You might call us snobs because we get our hair colored by salon professionals. We have seen great do-it-at-home color on women who know what they’re doing. But more often than not we see bad dye jobs.

In this case, we have to admit that it wouldn’t be challenging to do Aubrey’s red at home. That and Maria’s 2nd red are well suited for DIYers because they are single process and easy to match with color in a box. Maria’s first hue would be harder to recreate because it has subtle highlights mixed in with the red base.


The mane Pre-game winners of Celeb App Our picks for the top spot are (from top left) Cheryl Tiegs, Tia Carrera and Aubrey O’Day. While these are NBC pix, we got them from the Chicago site and expect them to … Continue reading

More on ombré haircolor: Camilla Alves and Jessica Biel

Actress wanna-be Camila Alves is better known as Matthew McConaughey’s girlfriend and mother to their child, but WE know her as an example of ombré haircolor done well. Technically this popular hue describes a dark hue that fades into highlights in the middle of ends of hair, and that fits Camila to a T. Her two hues are each distinct yet perfectly blended from black to golden brown. Expertly applied like this, ombré resembles colored hair growing out naturally. On the other hand we have Jessica Biel, usually included in features about the two-tone trend. Even though she’s considered a poster child for ombré, Jess barely fits the definition (in our opinion). On one side, the color varies from dark to light, but on the other the mane has only a few blond streaks. Perhaps this less-is-more approach makes Jess a popular leader in this field. It’s certainly more practical for real women.

Both of these dos are worlds’ better than a bad ombré  (think Drew Barrymore). With that in mind, make sure you find a colorist who has mastered the technique. While you’re at it, search out other clients who’ve had it done, and get their opinion. The rest is up to you!

Introducing Celebrity Apprentice hairstyle series & Marlee Matlin’s fashion tip

Celebrity Apprentice is popular for lots of reasons: the fights, back stabbing, laughs, coalitions, deals, projects and suspense. Most importantly, are the hairstyle ideas (good, bad and ugly) you can get every Sunday. Future posts will get into the hairstyle specifics, but for now we’ll remind you who made up the starting cast for 2011. They are Oscar-winning actors Gary Busey and Marlee Matlin; singers Meat Loaf, La Toya Jackson, Mark McGrath, Dionne Warwick, rapper Lil Jon, country singer John Rich and one-time teen idol David Cassidy; the first Survivor winner Richard Hatch; retired Major Leaguer Jose Canseco; TV personality Star Jones; Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes; soap actress Lisa Rinna; supermodel Niki Taylor, and Playboy Playmate Hope Dworaczyk.

Just to give you a preview of what’s to come, check out this youtubevideo from HollyscoopTV. Though the video’s supposed to be about the big blowup between C.A.’s Meatloaf and Gary Busey, the interviewer complimented Marlee and asked her for fashion tips. The answer might surprise you!
(Hint: it rhymes with “thanks.”)

Miley Cyrus’ style: going straight from PG to R

Dear Miley,
We know it’s time for you to give up Hannah Montana, grow up and expand your career outside of the Disney Channel. But why did you have to go and choose Britney and Lindsey for your role models? #1 they aren’t pretty. #2 they don’t act grown up. #3 they aren’t talented. #4 you’re limiting your audience if you copy the LLO and Brit type pseudo-stars #5 Madonna’s lingerie fashions made sense, but you are no Madonna (and neither is Lady Gaga!). #6 why don’t you copy celebs who balance sexy with sophisticated? Jennifer Lopez’s hot looks are close to what you want, but she doesn’t go overboard (most of the time!). Natalie Portman has done what you are so desperately seeking–transitioning from girl to woman–BUT she did it in a subtle manner. When she plays risqué characters in the movies, you know it’s not the real Natalie…she’s just a great actress doing her job. When she’s not filming, Ms. Portman goes back to her classic casual coifs.

Miley, we have to apologize for dissing your poor taste. There are plenty of times when you are the picture of beauty and poise… like when you wore a sleek ponytail with a high crown and loose curls highlighted in bronde (the trendy blond-brunette color combo). These pix only go to show how soft-spoken style can be just as hot as pole-dancing ‘dos!

Of course, none of this matters. You are a grown woman (girl?) and you’ll do what you wanna do.

Good luck!