Charlize Theron wants her hair back…

and she’s staying out of the public eye until it does!

If you’re like us, you want to see more photos of Charlize with her shaved head, but that’s not going to happen. She’s not happy with the bald look, and isn’t eager to be seen as a skinhead.

“She is not going out in public as much because of her hair,” according to the National Enquirer. “She’s growing it out as soon as possible.”

It’s rumored that Char is stocking up on hair products in an effort to make her hair grow out faster. We find it hard to believe that someone as intelligent would believe there’s a magical cure hair growth. She doesn’t need a miracle to get her hair long enough to look like the photo above.

If Charlize were getting out, her no-hair style might look like the photo at right. Notice how her stunning facial features can stand on their own. Still we can see how uncomfortable Ms. T. must feel without her luscious locks.

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