Who wore the best Teen Choice Hairstyle? Victoria Justice, Nikki Reed, Gwen Stefani, JoJo, Candice Accola or …

Previously at realhairstyles.net: we introduced the Teen Choice Hairstyles Poll. This concludes our series (for now. After we tally the votes, we will feature the winners). Choose your faves here and go back to the first post to place your ballot!

Victoria Justice goes au naturel in her long, straight, shiny style!
Nikki Reed‘s high-fashion hair looks like an upsweep from the front, but it’s a ponytail in back!

Vanessa Marano and Candice Accola both wear curvy hair fashions, but the similarity ends there. Van’s waves get thicker and thus more luscious as they flow from the crown down. Candice keeps her hair smooth all over, so that even the spiral curls are sleek.

Gwen Stefani and Peyton List both wore white-hot haircolor in totally different ways. While Gwen went straight and sleek, Peyton played up “retro.” We can’t make up our mind whether we like the updo or not, but it’s definitely unique!

We’re going to give you a hint about who we thought was one of the worst-tressed of the night (and it’s not the blonde). Meaghan Martin‘s mane is perfectly pretty with healthy-looking, layered, loose curls. On the other hand, JoJo‘s locks are way overdue for a cut and need help from a hair stylist.

Sasha Pieterse follows her peers who can’t resist wearing hair swept to one side. Hers is distinguised with a smooth top and loose curls below. Rebecca Black might not have the best ‘do of the night, but we like it! She’s managed to blend the wild color trend into an otherwise calm coif.

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