Lisa Marie Presley must have inherited good genes from Priscilla & Elvis

A pretty fresh makeover is perfectly timed with the release of her new album, LISA MARIE PRESLEY STORM & GRACE…

As one writer puts it: Lisa Marie must have discovered Jennifer Lopez’s secrets for staying young. We think it has more to do with her mother Priscilla. As for her voice, those genes seem to come from her father (but we won’t dwell on that because she’s trying to break away from the “daughter of Elvis” label).

In a future post, we hope to gather some photos of Lisa now and her mom in her 40s and show them side by side so you can see the similarities. Until then, you’ll have to take our word that the top image is pure Priscilla!

Though obviously taken at different times, the studio photos depict a totally new image for LMP. We remember her as the punkish, tough-guy girl who fought expectations by rebellious acts such as marrying Michael Jackson, wearing military clothes and doing forgettable albums.

The glam side of Lisa Marie
The retro Hollywood waves and girly fashions resemble a young Priscilla in Graceland even though Lisa Marie is 44 years of age! One hint that it’s current is the trendy ombre-like effect of light blond that’s growing out from the dark roots.

A stormy & graceful mood
As her hair continues to get longer, the ombre coloring carries on, but it’s more platinum than golden blond. While her hair is unrealistically styled into the sexy wind-blown look, you can easily see how ends have been snipped into long layers to add volume and blended so that they can be styled to look one length.

We don’t want to get too ahead of ourselves and spill all the details about her hairstyle and color until we know you’re interested.

Tell us if you want to know more about Lisa Marie or her style by replying below.

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