Olivia Wilde’s hair vs. Emma Stone’s hair

Today’s hottest Celebrity Hairstyle and Color are two of a kind!

Have you ever noticed how much Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde look alike? The similarities aren’t that noticeable unless you see them side by side…as they were at the Revlon Run/Walk for Women yesterday. They seemed like sisters or cousins at the very least! This weekend, Emma and Olivia have gotten so much press about their matching looks that you can expect to see more news about their style.

What’s even more surprising is their outfits of the day, and this point was mentioned repeatedly in the coverage of the Run/Walk. Of course, it’s only natural that their clothes almost match…because both are Revlon spokeswomen and both were dressed to do sports!

If you’ve just noticed how alike they are, think back to their hair history…the resemblance is uncanny. Their haircolor, especially, has evolved so closely that it seems like they go to the same salon. In the near future we will show a few more examples of the Stone-Wilde connection so you can see what we mean!

 Sources: huffingtonpost.com, Getty Images, celebs.gather.com and wenn.com

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