Solange Knowles’ hairstyles: bolder, more natural than sister Beyoncé’s style

Honestly? There’s no comparison when it comes to hair!

When we started comparing the Knowles sisters’ hairstyles, we jumped the gun and said Beyoncé is boring because she rarely changes her hair. A little research reveals that she does change dos every now and then–from trademark curls to waves to straight or up. Still, Beyoncé rarely strays from calm, relaxed, conservative, commercial… almost as unnatural as you can get.

On the other hand, Solange‘s style is almost the exact opposite. Unlike a majority of celebrities, Solange mixes up her coifs, takes risks, sets trends, and doesn’t worry if her fans will follow (but they do!).

Bold AND beautiful proof

Exhibit A: She cut off her hair way before the recent crop of buzz cuts i.e. Agyness Deyn, Janet Jackson and Natalie Maines. She’s among the few who can pull off barely-there hair like the previously mentioned plus Natalie Portman, Demi Moore and a young Sinead O’Connor.

Exhibit B: Solange plays with a wide variety of lengths and styles. And she’s not afraid to experiment with hats, scarves, hair ornaments and extensions. The evidence presented here speaks for itself.

Exhibit C: She flaunts her natural hair’s texture more often than not. Right now she’s one of the trendies bringing back The Afro (below right). Actually the modern do barely resembles those from the ’60s. In addition to Solange, Thandie Newton is a great example of the new ‘fro–not relaxed, not straightened, not dull. While she’s been criticized for for un-done mane, Thandie could care less because her daughters love it!

Closing argument:
Enough said!


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