Jennifer Lawrence’s Hair: so much to say, so little time!

We first met Jennifer Lawrence, right after we saw Winter’s Bone and right before getting an Academy Awards nomination for that movie. We got our introduction from some late-night TV show (Letterman? The Daily Show?). Our first impression was that the real Miss Lawrence was nothing like her character. She looked more like a blond bimbo than the seriously talented actress we saw on screen. She squirmed and fidgeted in a super short, tight dress that showed a lot of cleavage. The actress could barely talk smart about her career because she was giggling so much (but that was probably from a bad case of the nerves.)

We liked Winter’s Bone because it was set in the Ozarks and because it was a small independent film. Now with the big release of The Hunger Games, Jennifer is close to becoming a household name (at least in homes where teens, tweens live).

In between those two movies, Jennifer has become well-known for her hair and instant glamour. Even though her Katniss in Hunger is naturally messy, it’s dark. Jen’s reluctance to dye her beautiful blond hair brunette for the Games resulted in an expensive and time-consuming experiment with lots of fabulous fakes. The movie’s head hairstylist, Linda Flowers told that she rented $30,000 dollars worth of hair–five $6,000 lace wigs–in all shades of brown, from light to slightly reddish. After playing with the different colors, Jennifer picked one and allowed the hair dept. to color her hair ONE time only! Not wanting to mess with multiple haircolorings seems extra cautious when compared with long-time actresses who think nothing of going long, short, shaved, dark, light, bleached or blue with their hair!

Once filming of The Hunger Games had wrapped, Jen wasted no time lightening up her hair and she shows no signs of letting up on the gradual fading until she gets closer to her natural roots.

As we said at the top of this post, there’s a lot to say about Jennifer’s mane. In the short time between filming and release of Hunger, she has shown up in more hairstyles than most of us wear in 5 to 10 years’ time. With that said, we can promise you more styles to come in the near future!


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