Unforgettable: Whitney Houston’s style


More than a year ago, we did a post about how Rihanna’s ringlets are reminiscent of Whitney Houston’s hair. Looking back on that post, a day after her death, we are reminded of Whitney Houston’s influence on style as well as on younger singers like Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey.

Back in 1992 (before her downfall), she wore a fresh look in The Bodyguard. The short, smoothed-out curls (above) were popular with women of all ethnic groups. It really stood out from her peers who tended to play it safe and stick with long hair.

After that, her hair varied from dull to disastrous. But every now and then we would get a glimpse of the pretty Whitney. Considering her disruptive personal life, it’s a wonder that she could achieve any kind of style yet a day before her death, Whitney wore a sleek hairstyle that must have taken a lot of time and effort on someone’s part. Her long side bangs and straight hair  complemented the smooth hair of her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown.

As we think back to Whitney’s prime, we hope Bobbi will remember happy days like this, and the mother who will “Always Love You.”

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