What will Madonna’s hair look like at the Super Bowl?

Though you never know about Madonna, she’ll probably be wearing a style similar to these from her video Gimme All Your Luvin’. She’s not being paid for the halftime show because it’s free publicity for her album M.D.N.A. coming out in March. That’s why we’re guessing a Luvin’ look will take the stage… but which one? As usual there’s more than one choice. Will it be the golden blond loose waves fitting of a cheerleader or the platinum Marilyn Monroe curls that Madonna sported in the late ’80s?

Days before the Super Bowl, the Style Diva told Anderson Cooper that she’s under a lot of pressure “to put on the greatest show on earth, in the middle of the greatest show on earth. I have eight minutes to set it up and seven minutes to take it down and 12 minutes” to do the show.

So her hair is probably low on the list of her priorities this afternoon. With all of the hair fashions in her wardrobe, she can choose one from the hat, go with the flow and still outshine most Super Bowl acts.

No matter what happens tonight, we’re glad to see Madonna back in the limelight after so many years away from it, and we can’t wait to see the hair do-overs that are sure to come!



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