Celebrity Apprentice hairstyles: from great to ugly

The mane Pre-game winners of Celeb App

Our picks for the top spot are (from top left) Cheryl Tiegs, Tia Carrera and Aubrey O’Day. While these are NBC pix, we got them from the Chicago site and expect them to be on NBC online soon!

Disclaimer: we don’t really like Celebrity Apprentice, and we only watch it for the hairstyles (yeah, right!). In fact it’s the only 1 of the 2 reality TV shows we’ve watched regularly (the other one we love, The Greatest American Dog*, ran only 1 season.)

With that out of the way, let’s get to the meat of the matter: getting real hairstyle ideas by watching TVs/movies, surfing the web, thumbing through mags and skimming the tabloids while waiting in line at the grocery store.

Before The Donald’s Egomaniacal Show has even begun, there’s stiff competition for the best dos and barely no don’ts (as usual the odds are stacked in the favor of good looks). Right out of the gate, the front-runners are Cheryl Tiegs, Aubrey O’Day and Tia Carrere. Our reasons for these choices? Cheryl has short, realistic hair and stays Forever Young. We’ve loved the hairstyle of ever since she was introduced in Wayne’s World. We’re not sure why we chose Aubrey, but it might have to do with her resemblance to Maria Kanellis (the popular redhead from Season 3).

With the Top 3 slots filled we move onto the O.K. category, which should really be called Above Average. You’ll notice most of the Women’s Team fall into this ranking (as happens to many women in Real Life). At the top of this class are Debbie Gibson, Dayana Mendoza, Patricia Velasquez and Lisa Lampanelli. We’re not sure where to place Teresa Giudice (a Real Housewife of New Jersey). For now, we’ll say she’s near the bottom with lots o’ room for improvement.

If you’ve already heard about the whole cast, you can guess who’s the girl that’s currently in last place. It’s (drum roll please), Victoria Gotti hair apparent a.k.a. daughter of Mafioso John Gotti.

Only time will tell if our rankings change: who will stay in her place, who will rise up in the polls and who be crowned “Ugliest.”

And before we conclude this post, be assured that we are not ignoring the Man Styles. We HAVE to cover them, esp. considering their wild range, from outrageous Dee Snider to the suddenly sophisticated Clay Aiken. The other men are Penn Jillette (Penn & Teller), George Takei (Star Trek), Michael Andretti (racecar driver), Paul Teutul, Sr. (OC Choppers), Lou Ferrigno (Incredible Hulk), Adam Carolla (comedian) and Arsenio Hall (former TV talk show host and comedian).

Review of Women’s Team: Aubrey O’Day (singer, performer, reality tv), Cheryl Tiegs (model, fashion icon), Dayana Mendoza (Miss Universe 2008), Debbie Gibson (singer), Lisa Lampanelli (comedian), Patricia Velasquez (model, advocate), Teresa Giudice (reality TV), Tia Carrere (actress, singer) and Victoria Gotti (author, reality TV).

*We never missed an episode of the Ms./Mr. Dog USA, and we were crushed when the dog-gone show was literally lost to poor ratings…it didn’t help that the Top Dog show was introduced during what used to be the slow TV months of summer.

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