Emma Stone’s haircolor: what was she thinking?


When we last wrote about Emma, she was wearing a rich dark red haircolor. So why did she have to go and bleach it? She says the mane change is for a part… playing Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man coming out in 2012. We’re wondering if she was just itching to get on the celebrity haircolor trend that says anything goes: think Drew Barrymore, Katy Perry, Rihanna.

Emma says she’s a natural blonde, but surely the real thing is not like this–platinum and gold that verges on orange! As for the style, it’s different and fresh. The bangs and straight locks are of the moment, while the full waves without bangs were perfect for fall. Isn’t it funny how her cat-like eyes are dark or light depending on the haircolor?


2 responses to “Emma Stone’s haircolor: what was she thinking?

  1. Tho I’m biased toward red hair, I think this red shown is too dark. It makes her look so pale and gothic. The blonde brightens her face. Now the red she had in Easy A is the red I like 🙂 I prefer that to the blonde or dark brown she had in Zombieland.

    • Thx, Jen for the comment! We still love the dark red and disagree about the pale and gothic opinion. Instead we think the rich deep red makes her skin look porcelain-like or similar to the classic peaches and cream visage that has been popular through the ages, except for those in-between generations who worshipped the sun and all things tan! After we got used to bleach blond on Emma, it became more appealing. We agree with you about the appeal of the Easy A look. And we can’t forget Emma Stone as brunette in Zombieland cuz that’s where we first noticed her as an actress and a potential rising star! Sounds like you predicted her success early on, too. Here’s to a rare breen of Star who seems like one of the sweetest, most approachable Real Women you’d ever want to meet!

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