Introducing Celebrity Apprentice hairstyle series & Marlee Matlin’s fashion tip

Celebrity Apprentice is popular for lots of reasons: the fights, back stabbing, laughs, coalitions, deals, projects and suspense. Most importantly, are the hairstyle ideas (good, bad and ugly) you can get every Sunday. Future posts will get into the hairstyle specifics, but for now we’ll remind you who made up the starting cast for 2011. They are Oscar-winning actors Gary Busey and Marlee Matlin; singers Meat Loaf, La Toya Jackson, Mark McGrath, Dionne Warwick, rapper Lil Jon, country singer John Rich and one-time teen idol David Cassidy; the first Survivor winner Richard Hatch; retired Major Leaguer Jose Canseco; TV personality Star Jones; Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes; soap actress Lisa Rinna; supermodel Niki Taylor, and Playboy Playmate Hope Dworaczyk.

Just to give you a preview of what’s to come, check out this youtubevideo from HollyscoopTV. Though the video’s supposed to be about the big blowup between C.A.’s Meatloaf and Gary Busey, the interviewer complimented Marlee and asked her for fashion tips. The answer might surprise you!
(Hint: it rhymes with “thanks.”)

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